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The Benefits of Having a Business LinkedIn Page

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LinkedIn has become a vital tool for networking with a long list of benefits. From connecting with like-minded individuals to establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry, read on for our top three benefits of having a business LinkedIn profile.

  • Separating Yourself From the Competition: Being able to showcase your strengths, accomplishments, and best business qualities is of the utmost importance in today’s world. With the increased amount of individuals attending college or university, continuing to obtaining a Master’s or PhD in their respective field, solely furthering your education is no longer a stand out feature. Being able to display that you are going above and beyond, like Carola Jain, Spartan’s Chief Marketing Officer does by creating various marketing and branding strategies, allows network connections to understand your work ethic and unique qualities. Various employers, or networking connections, seek out those who bring new abilities, as well as expertise, to the table. With 1 in 3 business professionals on the planet being on LinkedIn, it is even more pressing to show your differentiating factors from competitors.
  • Increased Publicity: Obtaining a business LinkedIn profile will aid in increasing your exposure to the public, and most importantly, potential business contacts. Not only will you have more of a presence in search engines, but your services will be more overt. The benefit of having a larger presence in the LinkedIn community will not just boost the amount of connections you see, but it can also be a catalyst for new business opportunities and ventures. When you are publicizing your great achievements, skill sets, and extensive knowledge of a specific field, you will only be the culprit of further opportunity. This proves to be an extremely valuable asset in today’s business focused world.

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  • Further Credibility: Proving to others that you are credible, dependable, and responsible is something many people strive for. Individuals such as Carola Jain, Spartan’s CMO who has demonstrated these qualities through her work as the co-lead of globally launching Spartan Women, find themselves receiving extensive validation from other business professionals. The more exposure you have, allows a heightened amount of engagement with others. This all leads to connecting with others, who can authenticate your skill sets, and claims. Many individuals regard being credible and dependable as some of the most important characteristics when choosing to work with someone. Launching a business LinkedIn profile can be the small step that can prove to make an immense amount of difference in your professional life.

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When deciding to create a Business LinkedIn Profile, know that these benefits aren’t necessarily guaranteed, but can be expected. It is important to understand that if you are willing to put the work in, and prove your unique qualities through your profile, you can anticipate a positive change in your already successful professional world.

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