TPN Launches VELOCITY COMMERCE GROUP—A New Consultancy That Addresses the Digital Commerce Challenges of Today’s Brands

As retailing continues to evolve, it’s not enough to have a digital commerce strategy.  Digital commerce has shown that it has a language and a life all of its own.

Recognizing these changes, creative commerce agency TPN announced the unveiling of VELOCITY COMMERCE GROUP (VCG), a new consultancy that mirrors the rapidly evolving needs of today’s omni-channel brands, but also emerging brands and direct-to-consumer (DTC) organizations.

“Today’s brands should no longer question whether they should be present on digital commerce platforms.  They should be asking how to maximize business potential on platforms that matter most to them,” said Sharon Love, Chief Executive Officer of TPN.  “We created VELOCITY COMMERCE GROUP to address tomorrow’s challenges for brands, not just those of today.  Having a dedicated team to solve these problems and create solutions based on their expertise and execution will improve clients’ top and bottom lines, while representing brands properly in this new world.”

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“According to industry reports, global e-commerce will reach $4.5 trillion by 2021.  Amazon grabs headlines, but it isn’t the only game in town. Jet, Alibaba, DTC companies, and others across the globe are expanding their presence, changing algorithms and technologies,” said Joe Scartz, Chief Digital Commerce Officer of VELOCITY COMMERCE GROUP.  “VCG was created with the sole intent of helping brands and manufacturers become smarter about how to optimize their digital commerce efforts. When time is scarce, learning on the fly won’t get the job done.”

The Velocity Difference

Unlike creative/digital agencies, VELOCITY COMMERCE GROUP has structured its practice to mirror and solve the needs of today’s retailing models.

Pure play.  VCG can address needs of brands that sell their products through online-only retailers, recommending different approaches to showcase brands.

VELOCITY.PRIME.  VCG has a team dedicated to addressing the myriad challenges that come with Amazon, whether it be as vendor, or a third-party seller, or (increasingly) as an advertising vehicle.

Direct-to-consumer.  Increasingly, brands are launching products that forego traditional intermediaries and are sending products directly to the consumer. VCG’s team has analyzed different logistics, supply chain and marketing channels and can recommend the most optimal solutions for specific challenges while managing brand’s complete ecommerce ecosystem efficiently.

Omni-channel retail. VCG recommends and executes different solutions to support online and in-store purchases and transform a consumer’s experience at retailers like Walmart and Target where and when she shops in-store, online or both.

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Among VCG’s solutions is its Product HealthScore, a qualitative and quantitative analysis of specific SKUs sold on Amazon, providing recommendations on how to optimize awareness, sales and search activity using a variety of internal factors driven by Amazon.  Its analysis reviews in-depth levers that e-commerce managers use to build their business—creative assets, inventory management, third-party reselling analysis, SEO and merchandising.

“VELOCITY COMMERCE GROUP wants to create a new standard of reporting for products and brands.  We have found that not having the right assets at one’s disposal puts Amazon success at risk,” said Rami Odeh, VP Digital Commerce at VCG.  “VELOCITY COMMERCE GROUP works with retailers, manufacturers and brand managers to ensure they appreciate how a shopper sees and conducts commerce on Amazon so they can properly and systemically navigate the platform’s rigorous demands.”

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