Websnoogie Receives the Best of Omaha B2B Award for 2021

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Websnoogie, LLC is excited to announce that they were one of the winners in the 2021 “Best of Omaha B2B” Web Hosting category. They are incredibly proud of this award as Websnoogie competed with all other web hosting companies in Omaha, Nebraska. The staff at Websnoogie would like to say a wholehearted BIG thank you to all their clients and everyone else who voted for Websnoogie!

As the team at Websnoogie goes into its tenth year of operation, receiving the Best of Omaha B2B Award kicks off the celebration of a decade in fine style.

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Where Did It All Begin?

In 2012, Rod Atwood was eager to create a web design business. Rod set up Websnoogie, LLC with the assistance of Tom Rundall, a business associate. Initially, the company provided and created websites for both nonprofits and small businesses.

With time, however, the CEO, Rod Atwood, changed the dynamic. Today, he hosts most of the websites he has crafted as well as other businesses and nonprofits. Going into its tenth year today, Websnoogie is managed by Rod Atwood and his wife Tami Atwood, and several contractors. Websnoogie operates in Omaha, Nebraska, providing web hosting, web design, SEO, and geotargeting services.

Why Websnoogie?

When asked what makes Websnoogie a favorite among clients, Rod points to three fundamental elements: affordability, excellent customer service, and quality products. When customers reach out to Websnoogie, they receive fast assistance from a welcoming team. Websnoogie’s local SEO services focus entirely on customer needs and have constant engagement that makes businesses grow.

Websnoogie’s features, backed by a solid knowledge base and excellent management, make for a terrific outcome. Websnoogie’s clients are indeed at the heart of its operations. Websnoogie is proud to offer services that would usually come at an added cost for clients with other companies.

At Websnoogie, they bundle everything up as part of their web hosting and design packages to get everything you need and more.

Want To Know Websnoogie’s Secret to Hosting, Web Design, and SEO?

The team at Websnoogie makes careful use of time and developed processes to provide more effective outcomes at lower costs. They also use highly organized, tech-savvy knowledge to create websites. Websnoogie web hosting services are very well-priced compared to competing companies as they keep a close eye on overhead costs.

In addition, their labor costs remain low thanks to the high levels of technological expertise and experienced staff. Finally, they outsource extra highly-rated contractors for additional support when needed.

Websnoogie’s Process: How Do They Design Your Website?

Websnoogie specializes in high-quality web design and internet marketing for nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Websnoogie’s web hosting and web design processes follow seven simple steps.


First, one of their team members meets with your representative to survey and assess your business needs. As a result, they may offer suggestions specific to your business from their online field experience.

The staff at Websnoogie recognizes that you know your company best and would not want to assume otherwise. Using this model is why they work collaboratively to understand the ins and outs of your operations, goals, and visions.

Website Analysis

The skilled experts at Websnoogie will conduct a competitive analysis to find out your web design requirements and benchmark your place in the industry online. They will then propose solutions to improve your organization’s SEO, geotargeting, branding, and message.

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