Copper Announces Move to Google Cloud Platform; Expands Its Strategic Partnership with Google Cloud as a Google-Recommended CRM

Move to Google Cloud Platform Brings Scalability, Reliability and Security to Copper Customers and Supports Copper’s Vision of Enhancing CRM with AI Capabilities

Copper, the Google-recommended CRM for the digital workplace, announced its move to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to better serve customers globally.  By modernizing its infrastructure with GCP, Copper is further solidifying its  commitment to leverage AI technology in CRM tools so employees can work smarter and more efficiently. In addition, this move to GCP improves Copper’s scalability, reliability, security, and overall experience for customers, while providing the company with more control over its infrastructure.

Copper delivers a new kind of CRM that is focused on building relationships rather than simply managing them. By leveraging AI and its deep Google partnerships, Copper is able to deliver an innovative and easy-to-use CRM tool. Copper CRM operates natively within G Suite so that users never have to leave Gmail or interrupt their everyday workflow, thereby eliminating the tedious, time-consuming data entry that causes sales and marketing teams to abandon CRM deployments. Copper has been a CRM partner with Google since the early days of its Chrome extension in 2014. This move to GCP will provide better end-to-end coverage and performance for Copper’s worldwide user base.

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“With our strong focus on Google customers and G Suite-oriented products, most of our customers are already using GCP to run technology and AI efforts, or they’re considering moving to GCP,” said Jon Aniano chief product officer at Copper. “This move further aligns Copper with the ambitions and preferences of our customers.”

With Copper’s infrastructure running on GCP, Copper’s engineering teams can now deliver the best, most secure set of AI-powered CRM capabilities leveraging the Cloud AI stack from GCP.

“We’re delighted that Copper has selected Google Cloud as its provider for cloud infrastructure,” said Tom Hsieh, Head of Product & Collaboration Partnerships at Google Cloud. “This move builds on our existing partnership with Copper, as well as their native integrations with G Suite and Chrome, and we’re excited to work closely with Copper to deliver best-in-class cloud solutions to customers.”

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This migration to GCP was a rapid four-month project and with more control over its infrastructure, Copper can focus on providing security benefits like disaster recovery and depth and defense to its customers. As new technology innovations happen, Copper’s infrastructure can easily mold to meet the needs of its digital-first customers.

“With GCP’s Cloud AI tools available to us, we will now be able to more easily provide recommendations to customers based on communication patterns, analyze sentiment, transcribe voice data and classify images. This will help us to continue our lead in CRM plus productivity,” said Isaac Bentley, Head of Operations at Copper.

By moving to GCP, Copper has the tools and infrastructure it needs to scale globally with more than 12,000 customers in 110 countries. The move to GCP will allow Copper to accelerate more machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence-driven features in its products that boost user productivity and experience.

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