New Crayon Battlecards Integrate with Salesforce CRM and Largest Source of Real-Time Competitive Intelligence

Crayon Arms Sales Teams with Dynamic, Measurable Battlecards Wired to 7 Million Sources of Competitive Intelligence

Crayon, the market and competitive intelligence platform company that enables businesses to track, analyze, and act based on market movements, is arming sales teams with dynamic Battlecards integrated with Salesforce CRM and the world’s first real-time, programmatic competitive intelligence engine, the largest source of real-time competitive intelligence. Crayon monitors more than 300 million pages across 7.6 million domains and 2.4 million companies, and applies algorithmic and machine learning techniques to synthesize and extract actionable competitive intelligence insights for customers.

Crayon Battlecards allow businesses to easily create, distribute, and measure battlecards that are wired to the latest market movements, allowing them to win more competitive deals while dramatically cutting time to collect and update intel.

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“The number one problem with today’s battlecards is that they’re perpetually out of date,” said Jonah Lopin, CEO and co-founder at Crayon. “Teams spend countless hours crafting these battlecards, but they become stale days or weeks after they hit publish. Your competitive set doesn’t sit still, and you’ve got to stay in sync. That’s why Crayon is wiring battlecards directly to our realtime market intelligence engine, so that sales teams always have up-to-date, reliable competitive insights that win business.”

Restaurant POS and management software company Upserve uses Crayon intel to keep up with competitor product updates in a hyper-competitive market. They shared, “By staying on top of our competitors, we’ve been able to arm our sales team with actionable insights that they can act on immediately. As a result of Crayon, our win rate against our top five biggest competitors has improved by 54%.”

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“We compete against a variety of providers across a range of size and sophistication,” said Mike Greene of Klaviyo, email marketing platform company. “As product marketer, keeping track of these competitors as the market changes, and arming our sales team with accurate and relevant information is a huge undertaking. Crayon enables me to share the right information on our competition in a way that helps our team win more.”

On top of battlecards always being out of date, they are not easily found and used by sales, and they aren’t measured, unlike every other area of marketing from SEO to PPC to email marketing. Crayon Battlecards are designed from the ground up to eliminate these concerns. Users are alerted to new relevant intel from within the battlecard, enabling an update in a matter of clicks. Battlecards are available wherever the sales team lives – desktop viewing, mobile access on the road, or even from within Salesforce CRM. Crayon Battlecards have built-in measurement tools to evaluate usage and sales feedback, giving visibility into battlecard effectiveness and ROI.

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