PartnerTap Unleashes its Revolutionary Sales Collaboration and Intelligent Partnering Technology with Scribe’s Data Integration Platform

Partnertap Selects the Scribe Software Ipaas to Customize Communication between a Sales Organization Using the Partnertap Collaboration Platform and Their Channel Partners

PartnerTap, the world’s first B2B account-based partner collaboration solution, and Scribe Software, a global data integration leader, announced a partnership that will allow organizations to easily connect to PartnerTap using Scribe’s growing list of CRM connectors. The partnership allows more sales organizations to take advantage of PartnerTap’s groundbreaking and entirely practical innovation for sales/channel collaboration which provides value to the buyer throughout their journey and empowers sales professionals to reach their sales targets.

Moving forward, PartnerTap will use Scribe’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to integrate the PartnerTap platform with a wide variety of CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, SugarCRM, NetSuite, SAP, and HubSpot. This enables PartnerTap to create the critical communication link between a sales organization and their channel partner and to customize the PartnerTap deployment for each of their customers.

PartnerTap Unleashes its Revolutionary Sales Collaboration and Intelligent Partnering Technology with Scribe’s Data Integration Platform
Cassandra Gholston

“This partnership is about serving our customers. The Scribe iPass is powerful, flexible, and essential to getting this innovation into the hands of more organizations. In addition, this partnership allows us to focus our development team on creating more value for our enterprise customers.” said Cassandra Gholston, CEO of PartnerTap.

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PartnerTap is unique in its ability to give modern, engaged, top-performing sales professionals unprecedented transparency into the mutual sales accounts they share. In addition, visibility to real-time in-account activity, by business partners, empowers sales pros to know precisely the right time to engage, exchange, access, and influence to optimize value for their customers. Business-to-business partnering is entirely transformed by PartnerTap and supported in a way that produces the most outstanding impact on the customer experience.

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Peter Chase, Founder, Executive Vice President, and Chief Customer Officer of Scribe Software, added, “Software buyers want their new cloud applications to integrate into an increasingly complex and diverse technology stack. PartnerTap has recognized the importance of delivering data integration solutions that work the way their customers want to work and the flexibility and control the Scribe platform provides.”

Overall, this partnership aims to allow more customer collaborations to transcend the logistical barriers associated with account-based partnering and account-based channel marketing strategies. The Scribe-PartnerTap alliance will enable forward-thinking leaders to focus on cultivating strategic relationships to engage and reciprocate to produce outstanding results.

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