Pipeliner CRM Releases Enhancements to its Visual Relationship Mapping Features

CRM Mapping Tools Empower Salesforces to Visually Identify New Opportunities and Key Influencers

Pipeliner CRM announced new features for its relationship mapping tool that visually identifies new opportunities, key influencers and naysayers. With so many people influencing the buying process, from inside and outside a company, these new capabilities ensure that all opportunities and influencers are recognized. The result is greater clarity and facilitation of the sales lifecycle, leading to stronger close rates.

Pipeliner’s full suite of visual tools are comprised of Account Hierarchy, Org Chart, Buying Center and Relationship Map.

Account Hierarchy: It is often the case that a company is selling to a division or subsidiary of a larger organization. With the Account Hierarchy feature, sales are able to easily lay out the hierarchical structure of these organizations making it much easier to navigate and identify other opportunities. This feature links the parent account and other regional subsidiary accounts so that sales now have a view of the account hierarchy at their fingertips.

Org Chart: As well as knowing the company structure of a prospect, it is key to understand the organizational structure. The Org Chart feature visually displays managerial and peer relationships, shedding more light on the internal decision-making process.

Buying Center: Different employees can have different levels of influence on purchasing decisions, regardless of where they are on the org chart. For example, a company’s main contact, the COO, may be the decision maker. But the CEO may control the budget and is a naysayer not in favor of this purchase. The key analysts working on the project for the COO, however, are also a key influence on the CEO. Now you can clearly see that you need to work with the analysts to both persuade the decision maker and reassure the naysayer so they release the budget.

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Relationship Map: Pipeliner CRM goes one step further and maps out the relationships, for people and companies, that the analyst has that may be able to give additional insights or recommendations. You can visually join the dots across leads, opportunities, accounts and contacts so you can navigate with real insight and intelligence. Plus, labels for each map are completely customizable in the admin module.

“Our new Visual Relationship Mapping features set us apart by ensuring that salespeople can easily identify key relationships by laying out the political landscape, ensuring that all key stakeholders are being identified,” says Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner CRM. “We believe that when a salesperson is positively influenced by and supported with intelligent data, they will be able to predict and overcome objections which leads to higher close rates.”

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Pipeliner is reinventing CRM and is leading the market with new ideas efficiently executed to meet the challenges of this digital age. They continue to develop and innovate multiple CRM product lines for salespeople with both online and offline apps that address the largest audience possible along with the best iOS and Android mobile apps in the market. Pipeliner is ranked as a CRM Market Leader by G2 Crowd. Its SalesPOP! content portal contains a staggering 1,000 contributors, more than 1,700 articles, hundreds of e-books, a podcast and television channel.

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