Productboard Launches New Capabilities to Empower Product Management Teams to Build Customer-Centric Products

Easy to use roadmapping, dynamic segmentation, and enhanced integrations help improve productivity and accelerate innovation

Productboard, a leading provider of product management software, announced the launch of user-friendly roadmaps, dynamic customer segmentation, Salesforce integration (Early Access), new partner integrations, and advanced enterprise functionality to make it easier for product teams to build customer-centric products.

The new capabilities enable product management teams at every organization, from small businesses to large enterprises, improve productivity, accelerate innovation and drive revenue.

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“Productboard helps product managers build the right features by deeply understanding customer needs, executing a clear product strategy, and tapping into knowledge from cross-functional teams and stakeholders. Just like CRMs brought sales into the modern era, we believe our comprehensive, flexible, and open product management software will do the same for product teams,” said Hubert Palan, Founder & CEO of Productboard. “We are excited about the launch of new capabilities and looking forward to our customers using these innovations to build better products.”

The new enhancements include:

  • Easy to use roadmaps & timeline roadmaps: With intuitive workflows to get started easily, teams of all sizes stay connected to a single source of truth with increased transparency into product strategy and stakeholder alignment. Product teams can plan objectives, releases, and features as well as track feature progress with easier-than-ever and flexible high-level roadmaps or detailed release plans.
  • Dynamic Customer Segmentation: After defining important company attributes, such as Annual Recurring Revenue, business size, or industry, product managers can import data from Salesforce, Hubspot and any other CRM, to create dynamic customer segments and analyze relevant customer feedback, better understand critical needs, and prioritize the most strategic features for key customer segments. Productboard also announced its new Salesforce integration in Early Access, enabling the import of customer accounts and attributes from Salesforce.
  • Azure DevOps integration: Product managers can use the Azure DevOps integration to easily push features and critical customer context from Productboard to Azure DevOps, so developers build great products and strengthen the partnership between product and development teams.
  • Notes API: Product managers can use the Notes API to capture customer feedback from any source into Productboard’s central feedback repository, strengthening cross-functional collaboration with customer-facing teams. It ensures teams build innovative and customer-centric products grounded in customer feedback.
  • New Partner Integrations: The integrations include, FullStory and InSided (coming soon!), which enable superior communication, visibility, and alignment throughout the product development lifecycle — from capturing initial customer feedback to delivering excellent products by development teams.
  • Advanced Team Collaboration and Audit Logs: Product managers at growing companies use Advanced Team Collaboration to manage permissions across multiple product teams and Audit Logs for greater transparency and accountability.

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Noah Singer, Head of Product at 1-800-Contacts, said, “The best part about Productboard’s Roadmaps is they are simply the output of a well-crafted plan. We don’t spend any time building roadmaps for specific individuals; instead, a few clicks gives them what they need. Our development teams use the project management tool of their choice, but having a single source of truth in Productboard creates a clear picture when you back up beyond a single team. We’ve moved our internal updates out of PowerPoint, saving many hours each week in preparation and distribution time.”

Shawna Wolverton, EVP of Product at Zendesk, said, “Productboard’s powerful segmentation feature helps our teams narrow in on specific customer types and their unique feedback. We develop a deep understanding of the unique needs connected to each customer profile. This gives us clarity on where our sweet spots are for product fit and guides product strategy. Using these segments, we can prioritize features and build the right products that accurately reflect specific customers’ needs.”

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