Really Simple Systems CRM Announces the Release of Its New API

Top small business CRM vendor, Really Simple Systems, has announced the release of its latest version API, Version 4.0. The new API (Application Programming Interface) propels the company’s CRM to integration to the next level, giving additional functionality, increased security and faster transactions.

Really Simple Systems founder and CEO, John Paterson, remarked: “Our new API comes as a direct response to customer feedback. Our customers told us they wanted more integrations with our CRM; this new API allows us to create new interfaces across a spectrum of applications.”

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The CRM API Version 4.0 is a RESTful (Representational State Transfer) API which allows customers to make requests to Create, Read, Update and Delete records in the CRM. Features include:

  • Field set is driven dynamically from the data dictionary allowing customers to access their additional custom fields and custom objects
  • Authentication can be set up at a user level instead of company level, allowing different users or applications to be logged separately
  • Improved logging with visibility determined by user and graphical reporting of overall usage
  • Email alerts can be configured to notify users when their API limit has been reached, or partially reached
  • OAuth 2 authentication for increased security
  • Improved error reporting
  • Faster execution

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Paterson continued: “With the new API launched, over the coming weeks we will be releasing a number of new integrations that our customers have asked for. The first release will be our integration with, which is currently in beta, and next will be an integration with Microsoft 365. More integrations will follow shortly.”

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