Really Simple Systems CRM Launches New Quotations Feature

Really Simple Systems

The Sales Quotation Is Stored in Both the CRM Account and Sales Opportunity Record, Providing a Full Trail of the Activity for Really Simple Systems’ Clients

Leading CRM vendor, Really Simple Systems, has launched a new feature that lets users create sales quotations from their CRM.

Responding to customer demand, the new Quotations functionality provides an all-in-one sales pipeline and quoting solution where users can manage and complete the whole sales process.

The new feature, available in the company’s Professional and Enterprise plans, means users can now generate a quotation from a sales opportunity in the CRM and mail it directly to their customer or prospect. The user has the option to view the quotation on their screen and download it to their files.

The sales quotation is stored in both the CRM account and sales opportunity record, providing a full trail of the activity.

Really Simple Systems sales manager, Lisa Kilmister, commented, “this new feature makes team collaboration really effective as everyone can see exactly what has been quoted and the status of the sales opportunity.”

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Custom Quotation Templates

The system includes a quotations template that can be customized by adding a company logo, branding, payment terms, company information and legal requirements etc. Local tax details can also be added and there is the option to show tax per quoted line value or against the overall value.

Although primarily designed for generating quotations, the new feature also works well for purchase orders and invoices by simply changing the name of the document and any post-script text on the template.

The quotation documents are included within the generous document storage limits for each price plan. For the Professional plan that’s 5GB, and for the Enterprise plan, it’s unlimited. In this first development release Quotations is only available for single currency use and for a single rate of taxation.

Kilmister, continued, “this Quotations feature makes managing my sales opportunities really quick and easy. I think this will be a key feature for many of our customers.”

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