Really Simple Systems CRM Launches Second Phase of GDPR Compliance Functionality

Really Simple Systems Announced Its Own Compliance with GDPR in September 2017

Leading CRM vendor, Really Simple Systems, has launched the second phase of its development to enable customer compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Really Simple Systems is one of the first CRM vendors to tackle GDPR compliance with a phased rollout of developments to its integrated email marketing module. This latest release enables its clients to collect and record mailing consents from an existing contact database.

The European Union (EU) data protection legislation becomes law on 25th May 2018 and has implications for businesses holding data on EU citizens. One of the key issues for marketers is the need to gain “explicit consent” from an individual before they can engage in any marketing communication. This includes email, SMS messaging and telephone calls.

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Really Simple Systems announced its own compliance with GDPR in September 2017, and earlier this year released the first phase development letting its customers collect consent data from online registrations.

This latest release allows businesses to record opt-in consents from their contacts, and keep an auditable log of when, how and from what IP address the consent was granted.

Really Simple Systems CEO, John Paterson, commented, “with less than one month to go before GDPR comes into force, businesses need to get consents from contacts on their marketing databases as quickly as possible. This functionality lets you easily manage this process and be ready ahead of the deadline.”

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The final phase of the Really Simple Systems GDPR compliance tool will complete the development by enabling selection of contacts from the relevant consent lists for mailing. It will also distinguish between contacts based in GDPR compliant countries and those that are not.

Paterson continues, “GDPR is biggest marketing and compliance challenge businesses have faced for some time. It’s been important to us to support our customers as they adapt to the changes. We’ve embraced the regulation as a positive development for individuals and a real opportunity for business.”

To support customers as they prepare for GDPR, Really Simple Systems has been running a series of webinars on the subject. The next is scheduled for 16th May 2018.

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