VERB Launches Consumer-Facing Version of Its LEARN App for Market Leader Vasayo

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VERB Technology Company, Inc., a leader in business-focused interactive video CRM, marketing, and sales enablement applications, announced a renewal and major expansion of its relationship with Vasayo, a leading provider of nutritional supplements.

Vasayo provides high-quality nutritional products that are specially formulated to overcome many of the issues consumers tend to encounter in the supplement industry, such as those caused by dilution, problems with body absorption, and ingredient degradation. Through its proprietary Advanced Delivery Technology, Vasayo effectively eliminates these traditional obstacles to provide superior absorption capability, using the power of liposomes and enzymes.

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Vasayo’s international team of Brand Partners has been enjoying the benefits of VERB’s proprietary interactive video-based CRM and sales enablement platform during which time Vasayo has experienced continued growth in customer acquisition, and an expansion their Brand Partner base. Building on that success, Vasayo has determined to extend and expand its relationship with VERB, and to further integrate VERB into its business in a number of new and beneficial ways.

As part of this expanded relationship, Vasayo will be one of the first VERB clients to launch the new customer-facing version of VERB’s previously announced LEARN application. This new version of LEARN provides more robust, more engaging educational resources for Vasayo’s customers producing measurable increases in brand loyalty and corresponding greater lifetime customer value.

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Within the LEARN framework, each product will have its own unique module. Within those modules, Vasayo customers will have access to dynamic content suggestions, based on their individual preferences and activity, which in turn encourages continued interaction on the platform to obtain access to related product discounts and other rewards. This new feature set is expected to drive increased engagement through education-based gamification.

Separately, the current Vasayo Brand Partner facing app will be upgraded with LEARN features, focused on improving product knowledge within their teams.  Both the existing Brand Partner-focused app as well as the new consumer-facing app will leverage VERB’s new Magic Link technology, which allows any user the ability to automatically log-in to their personalized account through a friction-free individual link. For Brand Partners, the process begins with their official Vasayo registration where they’ll be invited to join as soon as sign-up is confirmed. For consumers, an invite link will be sent out once an initial purchase order has been made. In both cases, the sign-up process is intuitive, fast, easy and seamless.

The new Brand Partners application will also provide access to VERB’s new Business Reports feature, an essential tool in tracking back-office functions, which will help users gain better control and oversight over their individual book of business. Through the enhanced app, Brand Partners will now be able to view and track key information and performance metrics such as commission structure breakdowns, real-time related party sales progress, and sales-rank advancement, among other features.

“With this new application, we’re looking forward to connecting with our customers in even more meaningful ways by not only educating them further about the products they already love, but also introducing them to new products via a dynamic rewards-based program,” said Daniel Picou, President and Co-Founder of Vasayo. “For our Brand Partners, we’re looking to leverage the full capabilities of VERB’s technology to aid in our ongoing efforts toward greater retention, larger average order size, and enhanced brand loyalty. We remain committed to our community and our growth goals, which is why we’re dedicating even more resources to empower our people to grow and expand their capabilities with Vasayo.”

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JJ Oswald, VERB’s Senior Vice President of Sales added, “Vasayo has been a valued client of ours, and we look forward to becoming even more integrated into their organization. We believe this consumer-focused app launch will be the first of many for VERB and a sign of where the industry is headed. By focusing as much on their end customers’ experience with their products as they do with their Brand Partners, Vasayo is showing their commitment to excellence across all brand touch points in their organization. By creating this additional communication and data collection channel, they are also ensuring that they have access to real-time, quantifiable, and reliable information about what their customers want in order to better support their customers’ needs. VERB’s technology is tailor-made to service forward-thinking enterprises like Vasayo, and we believe they will be rewarded as a first-mover in the space.”

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