VERB Surpasses One Million App Users Globally

VERB Technology Company, Inc., a leader in business-focused interactive video Webinar, CRM, marketing, and sales enablement applications, announced that it has officially surpassed one million provisioned users for its interactive video-based CRM platform. The increase to one million users amounts to nearly double the total user count compared to the same period last year.

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“This is a major milestone for our Company, an impressive achievement for our management team, and represents an opportunity for meaningful value creation for ourselves and our stockholders that we intend to pursue aggressively this year,” states VERB CEO, Rory J. Cutaia. “As we have shared in our earnings calls and filings, we have been developing and now deploying in-app subscription purchasing capabilities, allowing our users to purchase and subscribe for enhanced features and functionality directly through the app. Some of those features and functionality include the ability to quickly arrange for the delivery and tracking of product samples to customers and prospects anywhere in the world; to subscribe to our content-rich LEARN application features; the ability to create and share interactive videos with enhanced analytics and engagement tracking capabilities; and coming soon, VERB LIVE, our ground-breaking live broadcast, interactive video webinar application; all of which contribute to what our clients say is the most effective, affordable, and easy to use sales tools platform available in the market today.”

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“But this is where it gets really interesting. Each of these features will have a monthly recurring subscription fee associated with it that is expected to range from as low as $0.75 per user per month, to as much as $25 per user per month. These fees are in addition to the monthly subscription fees currently paid by corporate for their sales reps’ use of the platform. What’s most exciting about these initiatives, is that we will be able to offer these revenue generating features to our users directly, allowing us to monetize this massive and rapidly growing user base in ways we were unable to do until now. It’s going to be a busy year for Team VERB.”

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