24-7 Intouch Introduces New AI Technology Division, Laivly

Laivly Is Dedicated to Applying Emerging Technology Including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automation in Support of Live Customer Service

24-7 Intouch, a global customer service solutions provider, has announced a new technology brand division called Laivly.

Laivly is dedicated to applying emerging technology including artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation in support of live customer service. Laivly’s suite of proprietary software and app technologies currently includes SIDD, a live-agent assisted AI platform, and Superpunch, an operations facing communication tool that emphasizes the employee experience. Laivly’s team of data scientists, developers, and researchers is dedicated to creating unique customer service solutions that pair human customer service with artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics process automation and BOT technology.

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“Brand leaders are searching for an artificial intelligence strategy that is practical and will really work,” said Jeff Fettes, Founder of Laivly and Co-Founder of 24-7 Intouch. “We are creating unique software that allows customer service problems to be solved more effectively and with more personalization than ever before. With the help of AI, agents can now quickly process in real-time a customer’s full history and individual needs to create unique, personalized experiences.”

Laivly has hired over 40 software developers, UX designers, and product managers over the past year with plans on hiring an additional 40 staff by the end of 2018. The company is committed to making Winnipeg one of the largest technology centers in Canada.

“We are really excited to launch the Laivly brand to the world,” said Kevin Hnatiuk, Senior Director of Research and Development with Laivly. “Winnipeg and Canada has such a vast developer community, and we are looking for forward-thinking, talented people that are looking to grow and help change the future of customer service along with us.”

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