AskNicely Launches World’s First Customer Experience Coaching Platform

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AskNicely, the all-in-one platform for creating amazing customer experiences, announced the launch of Performance & Recognition, a mobile customer experience coaching app designed specifically for front-line employees.

Performance & Recognition builds on the existing AskNicely customer feedback software, rated #1 by G2, by motivating and empowering the front-line employees who interact with customers every day.

“Incredible experiences start with incredibly engaged employees,” said Aaron Ward, co-founder and CEO of AskNicely. “We designed Performance & Recognition for them—for employees who have the most power to actually impact customer experience, and drive long-term outcomes like loyalty and advocacy. It’s the world’s first customer experience coaching platform that fits in your pocket.”

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The AskNicely product team leveraged proven motivational psychology and gamification techniques to design a personal coaching app that will foster a daily habit for front-line teams.

Employees can track their own specific NPS ratings over time, see how they rank compared to peers, and receive achievement badges for performance milestones. When customers leave feedback about their service, employees receive push notifications and immediately understand when they’re creating a positive experience for customers, and where they may need to improve.

“Imagine, as an executive leader, knowing that every employee is focused every day on exactly what they need to do to create awesome customer experiences,” said Ward. “This new module applies technology to effectively have a daily personal coaching conversation with hundreds or thousands of front-line employees.”

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Front-line staff or local managers can use Performance & Recognition to respond instantly to customer feedback or escalate larger issues. Any employee can also suggest an improvement, or vote on suggestions made by their peers. Leaders can act on the best ideas (and respond to the rest), all within the app.

Executive dashboards provide at-a-glance performance metrics based entirely on customer feedback, making it simple to pinpoint star employees, identify what they’re doing differently and send shoutouts to build a culture of positive appreciation.

“We began by building the best software for measuring customer experience. Now, we’re revolutionizing the way those experiences are delivered,” said Ward. “This new platform empowers front-line heroes to create exceptional experiences for every customer, every day.”

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