Bright Pattern Announces AI-Driven Conversational IVR and BrightStart Apps

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Easy-To-Use IVR Reduces Effort and Cost; Brightstart Apps Let Businesses Quickly and Nimbly Turn on Customer Experience Capabilities at Low Cost

Bright Pattern, leading provider of easy-to-use enterprise omnichannel cloud contact center software for innovative companies, announced at Customer Contact Week (CCW) Nashville2019 two new additions to the Bright Pattern Customer Experience Platform: 1) a conversational IVR that leverages AI for smarter, easier self-service, and 2) Bright Start Apps that allow companies to turn on particular customer service capabilities quickly and easily.

Bright Pattern Conversational IVR

Customers overwhelming want self-service but few consumers enjoy self-service through traditional, high-effort IVRs. Touch tone or inflexible direct tree structure menus have traditionally been built “inside out” based on the desires of the business to deflect calls. Although these systems are antiquated and frustrate customers who have to memorize options and often try to “zero out” to a person, they are still the initial point of contact for many companies.

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Bright Pattern’s conversational IVR powered by industry-leading AI lets customers lead the conversation and choose the path they prefer, resulting in better and faster problem resolution, lower costs, and significantly improved customer experience (CX) and customer satisfaction (CSAT). The conversational IVR also captures customers’ exact phrases, providing insight into specific issues that customers are looking for via self-service. Using this data, the conversational IVR can learn, and be improved and updated continually through the voice of the customer.

“It’s time companies just say no to the traditional IVRs that have frustrated customers for decades. With powerful cloud technology coupled with AI, consumers no longer have to deal with poor, rigid self-service options. AI-powered conversational IVRs are another step forward as we phase out traditional IVRs and revolutionize customer engagement,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Bright Pattern.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Customer-Focused and Intuitive – Allow customers to interact naturally in their own words, eliminating the need to memorize a long list of options.
  • Higher Resolution Rates for Better CX – Resolve issues quickly, let customers self-serve successfully, and reduce IVR abandonment.
  • Adapts to Customer’s Needs – Powered by best-of-breed AI from Google and IBM, conversational IVR is continually learning and offering insights using historical data based on what people say.
  • Make Smarter Business Decisions – Learn what customers expect after certain responses, and drive them toward premium products and services.
  • Native Omnichannel – Conversational IVR pairs perfectly with SMS, web chat, social messengers, email, and video, providing a seamless connection for agents engaging with customers on Bright Pattern’s omnichannel platform.

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Per Michael Maoz of Gartner*: “Customers expect forms of conversation to continue uninterrupted even if they need to shift from channel to channel. For example, a shift from a website visit to an exchange with a chatbot, to either a live chat with a human or a phone call, must happen with no loss of context. There should be no repetition, and a feeling that the transition was to lead to a better resolution of their issue.”

Bright Pattern customer Roger Meador, Principal and Co-founder of TruSouce Labs, commented: “Bright Pattern is unique in their ability to offer enterprise power in an easy-to-use customer experience platform. They were among the first to offer emerging channels like Facebook Messenger in a true omnichannel platform and they are again changing the world of customer service with an IVR that customers will actually like to use. Power, unparalleled ease of use, and innovation are at the core of their cloud offering, and it’s why we chose them.”

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