Business Reporter: Why it is critical for an Entire Organisation to Respond to Customer Feedback

The secret to effectively reacting to customer feedback is to involve the whole organisation, especially at low levels, says Critizr.

It often feels like there is a big gap between customer feedback left online, and the actions taking place on the shop floor. This gap must be bridged in order to improve customer experience.

According to Douglas Mancini, VP Sales EMEA at Critizr, “Customer feedback helps you to design your customer experience.” A huge 88 per cent of consumers consult feedback before purchasing.

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In an interview, Mancini explains the path to success is through low-level response to customer wishes. “You have to change the culture within your organisation and you can’t do it from the top down,” he explains.

A more conversational way of interacting with customers can help retailers to achieve success from the bottom up.

But why is it better to focus attention on how low-level employees respond to customer feedback?

–  Action can be taken immediately, but data can also be gathered to contribute to long-term solutions

–  The people who deliver a retail experience every day can feel empowered, helpful and knowledgeable

–  There is a stronger chance of receiving feedback high in quality and quantity

This method is described as “closing the loop” between the customer giving feedback and the organisation acting upon it. After all, real-time reaction might just be crucial to customer satisfaction.

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