Catchpoint is First to Integrate User Sentiment into its Digital Experience Monitoring Platform

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Also released, free user sentiment monitoring solution to provide vendor visibility and speed up outage recovery

Catchpoint™, the leader in next-generation Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), today announced it has added ‘user sentiment’ to its advanced monitoring platform, combining Synthetic, Network, Endpoint and Real User Monitoring capabilities, making it the most comprehensive digital experience monitoring (DEM) platform available. This new integrated capability provides enterprises with broader insights into the overall health and performance of all their digital services and applications, ensuring excellent user experiences.

“In this rapidly expanding global digital economy, companies must deliver great user experiences to their customers and employees to be commercially successful. Business success is synonymous with high quality of user experience. For that reason, improving that experience is a top business priority,” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint. “User sentiment is all about monitoring and analyzing what users say and feel about your service, so it’s a critical component of DEM. With the integration of user sentiment into our platform, companies can now leverage the most complete telemetry, to increase visibility and context, resulting in fewer blind spots and a faster way to resolve digital performance degradation.”

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APM and other network monitoring tools mostly ignore the user and the last mile of a digital transaction. The quality of the user experience is the ultimate measure of success of the digital performance of a company. Measuring it requires the collection and analysis of multiple sources of telemetry. By monitoring user sentiment, alongside Synthetic, Network, Endpoint and Real User Monitoring, enterprises can cast a broad telemetry net and listen to the opinions and feelings of their customers as they are consuming digital services and apps.

“Customer and employee experience and the performance of our applications is critical to our success. Delivering the best experience possible requires that we have a complete view of the user experience,” said Samy Senthivel, Senior Digital Enterprise Monitoring Services Manager at Autodesk, Inc. “A missing piece of the monitoring puzzle from vendors has been user sentiment data. Having this analysis baked into Catchpoint’s platform will help us optimize the user experience, quickly solve performance issues and improve business performance.”

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Launch of WebSee

Additionally, Catchpoint announces a free resource that leverages the same user sentiment capabilities designed to help organizations and users respond to, and better deal with, service outages. WebSee collects and analyzes global user sentiment data that is then verified by Catchpoint’s platform. Users can self-report issues with a website directly on the site or download a Catchpoint browser extension, which collects user metrics for any web app, and can report these metrics in real-time. This free solution is delivered through three core capabilities:

  1. User sentiment analysis: Collects and analyzes global user sentiment data
  2. User self-reporting: Users can self-report outages or performance issues directly on the WebSee site or via a free browser extension
  3. Verified by Catchpoint: Significant outages or performance degradations reported by users will be verified by Catchpoint and will be reported on

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