Coveo Announces a Trio of Capabilities Key to Delivering Relevant Customer Service Experiences

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Coveo announces new deep learning capabilities to deliver more relevant customer service experiences

Coveo, a leader in AI-powered relevance platforms that transform search, recommendations, and personalization within digital experiences, today introduced new deep learning capabilities in its Spring 2021 release of the Coveo Relevance Cloud(™), specifically for delivering relevant customer service and support experiences.

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Customer support managers are looking for ways to automate processes and tap into machine learning to remove repetitive efforts. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that goes beyond just parsing data using algorithms, to applying layers of algorithms to learn on its own. As customers fill out a support case, deep learning can propose the right categories. Over time, the system becomes more intelligent and accurate.

Highly complex products and services have support issues that require a more high-touch experience. Support organizations have historically used case deflection as a metric to measure success, but customers who need to interact with an agent are often faced with multiple deflection techniques that end up pushing them away.

Intelligent case assist steps beyond case deflection and was created to ensure that when an issue should reach an agent, the case submission experience is effortless and captures the right information. As information is captured, the deep learning model recognizes and recommends appropriate categories.

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Other capabilities in this release:

  • Enhanced in-product experience: Enhanced machine learning models offer more tailored and contextual results when customers search for help within a product, site, or application.
  • Slack developer quickstart: Coveo’s new developer quickstart guide makes it easy to connect to Slack to index messages and threads.

    As support models evolve, Intelligent Swarming and other forms of digitally collaborative strategies have become more popular. Slack has become one of the main tools used in Intelligent Swarming, and we wanted to help support organizations bring this into their unified support strategy.

Digital customer service and support today are more important than ever. According to a recent Coveo-commissioned survey, seventy-three percent of customers say they will abandon a brand after three negative customer service experiences. Even more alarming is that companies are often left completely in the dark unless they have access to data that can pinpoint why customers are leaving. This is likely because 44% of customers surveyed will rarely or never complain to a company about a negative customer service experience.

“Good customer service is critical to maintaining customer goodwill, satisfaction, and loyalty,” said Bonnie Chase, Director Product Marketing, Coveo. “That starts with giving customers the most relevant information they need to solve their problems, wherever and whenever they need it. Combining advanced search, applied AI, and data analytics is the only way to bring that relevance to every digital service and support interaction.”

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