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Dream11 Selects VoltDB to Power 75 Million Users on its Platform

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VoltDB provides highly concurrent performance at scale to deliver exceptional user experience and lower total cost of ownership

VoltDB, the only enterprise-grade data platform that meets the real-time streaming data requirements of 5G-powered applications, today announced that it has been selected by Dream Sports to power Dream11, its flagship brand. Dream11, India’s largest fantasy sports platform, became a Unicorn in April 2019. With VoltDB, Dream11 delivers high performance at scale without compromising on accuracy or reliability, ensuring an engaging experience for its more than 75 million users.

With its sub-millisecond performance combined with predictable scalability, VoltDB enables Dream11 to deliver hyper-personalized user experiences in real-time, without being constrained by scale. VoltDB’s guaranteed consistency, accuracy and reliability (100% ACID compliance), eliminate data loss and prove critical for powering a platform that rapidly registers hundreds of thousands of users for a finite number of game places, while increasing the value of each customer interaction.

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A Dream11 spokesperson said, “Dream11 caters to millions of Indian sports fans, who demand exceptional quality on our platform. We selected VoltDB to sustain our ever-growing peak loads, and its unparalleled sub-millisecond latency performance and immediate consistency prove critical for the seamless experience our users expect.”

After implementing VoltDB, Dream11 saw a tremendous reduction in latency, and the ability to handle more than 165,000 registrations per second for each contest in the Contest Service. In addition, VoltDB’s inherent scalability positions Dream11 to meet its future challenges.

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“Dream11 is motivated to create personalized custom experiences for individual users in real-time to improve engagement, unlocking platform-loyalty and monetization,” said David Flower, CEO at VoltDB. “This means leveraging massive amounts of historical data to understand user behavior while acting extremely quickly on current user actions based on that understanding. We’re thrilled that Dream11 recognized VoltDB as a long-term solution for its complex environment and the real-time analysis of high-volume data streams.”

Leveraging VoltDB’s high throughput, scalability, and its ability to support complex decision making on live data streams, fantasy sports operators and game developers can perform in-depth player analysis on vast streams of data and take immediate action – usually within a quarter of a millisecond – to enhance the in-game user experience.

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