Elemis Focus on Personalized Customer Experiences to Differentiate Online

Skincare Brand See Personalization Drive 7.02% Uplift in RPV with Just One Experience

Elemis, the number one luxury British skincare brand, have renewed their partnership with Qubit and continue to make the customer experience through personalization a top priority for future growth. They have been working with Qubit since 2016 to bring data-driven customer experiences to their onsite visitors – powering the purchase journey for both new and returning customers.

”With Qubit’s technology, we can use the insights we glean from our customer behavior and deploy industry best-practice personalizations in one, easy-to-use, platform,” said Victoria Hughes, Marketing Director, UK & Europe of Elemis.

The Qubit technology has enabled Elemis to start exploring how key visitor segments are behaving, as well as how visitors move across segments based on their interactions and purchases. Among the successful experiences the company has launched, they now highlight and display the comments from 5* reviews embedded under product images. This has driven a 7.02% uplift in revenue per visitor (RPV). Another example of an experience driving uplift in RPV is a search functionality nudge. The message, ‘Can’t find what you’re looking for?’ is shown over the search button to help visitors find the right product for them.

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“Elemis is a great example of an industry-leading brand embracing the power of personalization,” said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. “Customer expectations are increasing, and they are demanding more from the brands they love. As beauty is so personal, beauty companies are in a unique position to leverage the power of customer data and build for their visitors. Elemis is constantly thinking about ways to differentiate through personalization and it’s incredibly exciting to see and be part of.”

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