Ethoca Delivers Deeper Consumer Engagement and Improved Transaction Clarity in an Increasingly Virtual World

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Ethoca, a Mastercard company, is leveraging an industry-leading network, collaborative technologies, and deep relationships with payments stakeholders around the world to help businesses satisfy the growing demand for improved digital experiences. With its newly introduced Consumer Clarity™ solution (formerly Eliminator), Ethoca not only delivers greater transparency and trust into what consumers have bought, but helps businesses better connect with customers via one of their most trusted and highly frequented channels – their digital banking applications.

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The way that consumers shop, pay and bank is changing dramatically. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are adopting new digital habits at a faster pace than ever before. In the first two months of the pandemic alone, global ecommerce spending surged by USD $53 Billion and consumers came to rely increasingly on digital banking channels to review their purchases and track spending. Unfortunately, according to recent research 77% of surveyed consumers report that they’re often unable to recognize transactions in their online statements, and 96% want more detailed information available in their digital banking application to help understand what they bought.

To alleviate this frustration, and cater to increasingly digital lives, Ethoca has introduced the new evolution of its award-winning Eliminator solution. Consumer Clarity™ provides rich merchant and purchase information (such as easy-to-recognize merchant names and logos, purchase location details, and itemized digital receipts) to cardholders and financial institution call center and back office staff. Delivered on-demand through secure and trusted banking channels, this enhanced information helps to significantly reduce unnecessary disputes and costly chargebacks caused by transaction confusion.

Beyond dispute prevention, Consumer Clarity™ empowers businesses to optimize their digital offerings. For financial institutions, this means adding new features and services that improve their cardholders’ experience while using their digital banking applications and encourages them to spend more time engaged with them. For merchants, this means new channels for them to connect with customers – increasing their brand presence.

Leveraging the scale of Mastercard’s global payment network, Consumer Clarity™ currently provides enriched transaction information from 145+ million merchant locations spanning 200+ countries. Combined with a growing list of digital receipt participants this provides businesses the opportunity to make a wide range of experience and cost-saving improvements.

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Financial institution benefits:

1. Enhance cardholder experience by offering exciting new features and services that increase engagement in digital banking applications and helps to differentiate from competitors. This includes merchant name & logo, purchase location, itemized digital receipts and more.

2. Reduce costs by proving on-demand transaction information that can significantly decrease the number of unnecessary disputes and chargebacks caused by transaction confusion.

Merchant benefits:

1. Connect directly with customers to resolve disputes, rather than through the expensive and time-consuming chargeback process.

2. Provide a greater level of purchase information that helps to reduce ‘friendly fraud’ caused by transaction confusion.

3. Increase brand presence in your customers’ trusted digital banking applications by embedding your logo, contact information and more.

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