Fobi Announces 293% Increase In First Quarter Revenue

Fobi AI Inc., a leading data intelligence company using artificial intelligence to help clients turn real-time data into actionable insights and personalized customer engagement is pleased to announce its first quarter financial results.

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Key Financial and Operational Highlights for Q1:

  1. Revenue increased substantially from $147,533 in Q4 to $580,317 in Q1.
  2. Net loss for the 3 months was $4,468,214 compared to $1,013,792 in the corresponding prior period.  The current loss includes a $2,619,361 charge for stock based compensation – a non cash item.
  3. Cash continues to grow from the year-end $7.5 million to $8.266 million.  5,275,000 warrants were exercised for $1.8 million and 2,228,250 stock options were exercised for $1.99 million.
  4. Loans receivable from the Passcreator transaction in the amount of $481,534 have been collected, adding to the Company’s treasury.
  5. Accounts Receivable is up from $844,000 to $1.2 million due to the recognition of $288,000 of revenue which is expected to be collected before calendar.
  6. Accrued liabilities increased $78,122 the largest component of this was an increase in payroll remittances of $105,470 from the exercise of stock options. This balance was offset in part by an increase in GST receivable $37,617.
  7. Assets increased from $11,682,344 in Q4 to $12,315,379 in Q1.

Fobi CEO Rob Anson stated “With the launch of many new products and partnerships this year, we have successfully achieved more operational milestones than any previous quarter and see a strong continuation of this momentum into 2022. The exponential growth we are starting to see in the past two quarters is a testament to the entire team’s dedication and focus on executing our business plan and validation from our customers. We remain focused on becoming a global leader in Artificial Intelligence Applications and Digital Wallet Passes.”

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