Latest Katabat Customer Experience Management Releases Target Customer Centricity

Katabat announced its Katabat 8.1 release, delivering customer-focused improvements to its industry-leading customer experience management solutions. Katabat serves consumer lenders on three continents with cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Katabat 8.1 streamlines use for strategists and associates as well as improving mobile customer marketing communications. The enhancements address user requests and speak to Katabat’s commitment to partnering with clients in a continuous cycle of innovation.

The customer experience is at the core of enhancements implemented by Katabat. In Katabat 8.1, consumer lending clients will see improved responsive email design and a better mobile experience for their customers. The update also introduces the data file upload functionality, available through the Strategist Portal. Clients now have increased file upload flexibility to execute marketing campaigns while leveraging Katabat’s unified omnichannel messaging capabilities.

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Larger changes were delivered in Katabat 8.0, the latest major release in September 2017.

Latest Katabat Customer Experience Management Releases Target Customer Centricity
Elysandra Ziegler

The Customer Workflow feature has proved especially popular. “Katabat products are unique in how they allow our clients to focus their strategies on the customer, who might have multiple accounts with their bank. Consumer lending companies want an integrated picture at the customer level, so they can leverage data to strategize across multiple customer accounts,” explained Elysandra Ziegler, Katabat VP of Product. Customer Workflows address this need with automated processes and event triggering, delivering a better customer experience while also driving efficiency and consistency in messaging.

Another major addition in Katabat 8.0 was the new central Data Warehouse and Reporting Studio, a configurable and customizable reporting tool with an intuitive GUI. “Full 360-degree control over your data is central to our mission,” Ziegler said. “Now it’s even easier to analyze performance data and drive insights.” Clients can easily configure and generate custom reports, and view key metrics and reporting summaries for rapid monitoring and analysis.

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Katabat users expect solution flexibility and configurability. With 8.0, strategists can now automate batch data exports based on preset criteria leveraging Decision Tree Manager and Workflow Manager. Katabat 8.0 also introduced new ways to interact without preloaded customer data dependencies. Clients can configure a case or application flow and use captured data to create an account or customer record on Katabat. Powered by Workflow Manager, the release also introduced configurable workflow submenus on the customer-facing portal. Clients can create and publish surveys and forms to capture customer data under these menus and submenus.

Latest Katabat Customer Experience Management Releases Target Customer Centricity
Ray Peloso

Katabat 8.0 laid the groundwork for many exciting new features in 2018. “Developing the solutions and tools our customers want is really rewarding,” Ziegler noted. There are many more milestones to pass in the drive to transform customer experience management for the twenty-first century. Ground-breaking AI and advanced data analytics are on the agenda. “This is an exciting time for both finance and technology, where the intersection of customer experience, regulation, and compliance presents unique challenges and opportunities. It is our commitment to continue to reinforce and deliver unparalleled capabilities in these critical areas, enabling our clients to lead the market,” said Ray Peloso, Katabat CEO.

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