New Digital Experience Platform Consultant Partners with U.S. Government to Offer a More User-Friendly Website Authoring Tool

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DXPR to offer a more intuitive and seamless experience than Drupal

As a society in the middle of a global pandemic, an organization’s online presence is vital to its success. This especially rings true for the government space. With budget cuts happening left and right, government officials are forced to give technical website development tasks to non-technical staff. In an effort to save time and money, DXPR, formerly known as Sooperthemes, launches as an alternative and easy way to use website management systems.

Currently, the most commonly used system by governments and enterprise scale business  is Drupal. However; users are becoming increasingly frustrated with its functionality and lackluster interface, leaving it unsuitable for creating modern, media-rich web pages.

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“DXPR makes life easier for digital marketing employees left to manage web pages,” says Jur Roelofs, founder. “In fact, we have already developed a partnership with the U.S. Senate (SAA) to launch websites for several U.S. Senators. Through these partnerships we streamline the management and upkeep process for their website. In doing so, we are saving the U.S. government hundreds of thousands of dollars that they no longer have to dish out for external contractors and web developers. The sites can now be easily created by staff.”

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In addition to the U.S. Senate, DXPR is also contracting with TopCon Global Positioning Systems, a global market leader in healthcare technology.

Available today, DXPR offers a visual and intuitive online and mobile-friendly page authoring experience. With one-click editing and drag and drop design, creating sites using DXPR is easy enough to do without the assistance of an IT department. Those currently using Drupal Layout  Builder will still be able to enjoy the benefits of DXPR. The alternative website management system has created a module for Drupal to add an authoring tool.

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