Pega Accelerates AI Implementations With New Step-by-Step Guidance Built Directly Into Software

Next-Best-Action Designer Simplifies Customer Decision Management with Guided Best Practices to Help Enterprises Drive More Relevant Customer Interactions

Pegasystems Inc., the software company empowering  digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises, announced Next-Best-Action Designer – an intuitive AI configuration wizard that makes it fast and easy for business users to optimize customer experiences across all channels. With step-by-step guidance rooted in proven best practices, this new Pega Customer Decision Hub capability removes the complexity inherent in creating and deploying advanced customer decisioning models to help organizations generate value faster and with less risk.

Any serious customer-oriented business needs to harness the power of AI to better connect with customers. But configuring AI for the enterprise can be highly complex. Few AI solutions come with any practical guidance for design, activation, or optimization – which is especially important with best-in-breed technology stacks rife with components that were never designed to work together. Most organizations rely on expensive and hard-to-find data scientists for support, and this still doesn’t always yield success. Analyst firm IDC recently reported that most organizations experience some level of failure in their AI projects – with one quarter of the failures rates reaching up to 50% – due primarily to a lack of skilled staff.

As the primary interface to Pega Customer Decision Hub, Next-Best-Action Designer democratizes AI by giving any businessperson the power to design and deploy optimized decisioning strategies themselves. The software walks users through a guided configuration process with built-in best practices and guardrails based on years of successful decisioning implementations for the world’s most sophisticated organizations. Once deployed, Pega Customer Decision Hub analyzes individual customers, interprets their intent, and executes the next best action in real time. This can ultimately drive more relevant conversations, increase customer loyalty, and supercharge revenue and profit.

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Available today, Next-Best-Action Designer makes AI accessible to any business user through powerful features, including:

  • Fool-proof configuration – Next-Best-Action Designer takes AI out of the labs and into the hands of customer experience practitioners. A wizard-like interface puts users on a fast path to AI success. Step-by-step guidance with proven best practices and guardrails is baked directly into the software. This helps users avoid common mis-steps, such as focusing on segmentation rather than one-to-one marketing, not using common strategies for both inbound and outbound targeting, or inadvertently mixing eligibility rules with propensity models to skew customer relevance scores.
  • Advanced engagement policy controls – Pega gives users full control over the engagement rules governing their omnichannel strategies from within a single interface. They can create and manage everything from business structures, volume limits, and channel constraints, to contact policies, customer eligibility, and suitability for specific actions or offers.
  • Precision AI arbitration model tuning – By configuring the arbitration logic in a centralized Next-Best-Action Designer tab, users can seamlessly balance the key factors used by the  Pega Customer Decision Hub to make complex decisions – such as weighted context indicators, propensity scores, and customer lifetime value projections. After blending these factors to the user-defined specification, Pega AI ranks the best possible actions for each unique customer in any given situation and then acts on it.

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Pega Customer Decision Hub serves as an always-on “brain” providing centralized AI across all customer touchpoints to optimize every interaction and maximize customer value. Its predictive analytics and customer decision management enables organizations to surface unique insights and recommend the next best action in real time on every step of the customer journey – from marketing to sales to customer service. Pega Customer Decision Hub provides the AI power across the unified Pega Infinity digital transformation software suite, optimizing customer engagement and operational efficiency from end to end.

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