PRODWARE EXPOSE 2020: A High-tech Event for Mid-market Companies Focused on the Customer and User Experience

Prodware hosted mid-market businesses at EXHIBITION 2020, an event dedicated to innovation. Over the course of this interactive, half-day conference, Prodware’s Innovation & Business Solutions Division presented the most innovative solutions in its industry, developed using disruptive technologies.

A deep dive into innovation

Innovation, which is at the core of Prodware’s identity, can impact a company’s structure, productivity and cohesion.

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In a four-part presentation, speakers used practical examples to demonstrate the latest cutting-edge technologies on the market. This presentation, which was designed to fully address the challenges facing mid-market companies, focused on four topics:

  • Adapting to new working methods using Plant 4.0 tools, to make businesses more competitive.
  • Defining and optimising the customer experience to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Maximising data analytics with Power BI, a business intelligence solution.
  • Improving maintenance with a solution developed by Hololens, which combines IoT and mixed reality in order to redefine what after-sales service can do for businesses.

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Speakers at the cutting edge of the digital transformation

For this event, Prodware invited a brand ambassador: Gaël Langevin, the man behind the ambitious InMoov project. The first open-source, 3D-printed life-size robot, InMoov was designed as a development platform for universities and laboratories. This concept, which was founded on the notions of sharing and community, has already been replicated numerous times around the world.

This year’s event was made possible by everyone at the Prodware innovation branch, and is set to be repeated in the 14 other countries where the Group operates.

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