Raydiant Chosen by Werqwise

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Digital signage and experience platform Raydiant has partnered with flexible workspace operator Werqwise to support its mission in creating a workplace of the future that encourages innovation by bringing safe, engaging, customized, amenity and hospitality rich environments to members. Using Raydiant digital signs, Werqwise is better able to promote its member’s businesses, provide space updates, and host networking and special events that bring professionals together for mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations.

Werqwise is a flexible workspace business with a relentless focus on putting its members first. The San Francisco based company is working to innovate and elevate the commercial real estate industry. Werqwise has created a new real estate solution, one that meets business requirements for flexibility, agility, confidentiality, and engagement that removes distractions while simultaneously improving work culture and business performance and growth. A solution that allows all organizations to have real flexibility in their workplace.

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Their unique build systems offering almost infinite modular variations, customizations, and branding which allow full integration with technology like Raydiant’s dynamic digital signage solution are combined with outstanding levels of hospitality and focus on the end-user.  This partnership further supports Werqwise’s role as the missing link between the real estate model for rigidity and permanence and the world’s demand for real-time flexibility and adaptability.

“Our goal is to empower businesses,” says Bobby Marhamat, Raydiant’s CEO. “Werqwise shares this goal, and so it’s a natural partnership. Together, we help bring professionals together to make those meaningful connections that foster partnerships and collaborations.”

Alan Mackay, Werqwise’s Founder and CEO says “We are so excited at how Raydiant’s dynamic digital signage makes it simpler for Werqwise’s members to raise their brand profile, connect with other organizations, engage their teams and keep up to date with the workplace of the future. Raydiant’s drive to improve the customer experience aligns perfectly with our mission in creating experiences that inspire people to be creative and innovative.”

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Werqwise uses Raydiant’s easy drag-and-drop design tools and more than 225,000 designer templates to create gorgeous digital displays in bold HD and 4K. Beyond promotional signage, Werqwise can also use Raydiant screens to showcase live event calendars, where professionals can find details on the next networking lunch or speaking engagement. And because Raydiant syncs with Google and other calendar apps, it’s easy to update and will always stay current.

Raydiant can also be used for Werqwise’s welcoming and wayfinding signage and digital directory. Raydiant-enabled screens can also be used in meeting rooms and common areas, displaying meeting information for all the businesses that share those spaces. And during COVID-19, public health reminders—like keeping six feet apart from others—can be posted on Raydiant-enabled screens so that professionals can work, collaborate, and meet safely.

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