Revel Partners with Adobe to “Keep Innovation Flywheel Spinning” in B2B Digital Transformation

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Revel Consulting, the leading collaboration platform for digital disruption, announced a key partnership with Adobe to help B2B enterprises create new and effective ways to engage customers. The latest partnership with Adobe is an extension and expansion of Revel’s strategy to integrate new technology platforms, products and services across its core capabilities in digital disruptions.

The partnership will initially focus on sales and marketing technology, with Revel leveraging the full technical capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud as an Adobe Solution Partner to craft digital roadmaps, design disruptive experiences and build impactful customer journeys. Leveraging Adobe Marketing Cloud, Revel will help companies rapidly prototype and test products; develop deeper insights on customer preferences; and deploy sophisticated sales and marketing strategies that deliver the right content, at the right time and in the right context.

According to IDC, worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies will grow to more than $2.1 billion in 2019 with a CAGR of 16.8% over the 2014-2019 forecast period. Spending on digital transformation technologies in the US will follow a similar trajectory, reaching nearly $732 million in 2019.

via Revel
via Revel

“Revel’s clients are asking us for sales and marketing solutions that scale in a digital, cloud-first business environment,” said Tim Bowman, MD at Revel and head of the firm’s Strategy community. “As a firm that’s proudly ‘born digital,’ customer obsessed, and innovation driven, we’re perfectly positioned to help companies navigate the digital world, and our partnership with Adobe gives our customers one more way to succeed.”

Revel’s partnership with Adobe comes at a crucial time when B2B companies are progressively beholding to reinforce relations with their customers directly through digital channels. According to a report on customer experiences (CX) by Gartner, 89% of senior B2B marketing executives compete primarily on the basis of digital customer experience. More than 50% of organizations will implement significant business model changes to improve them.

“Adobe is the market leader in digital marketing technology and fits squarely into Revel’s strategic plan to enhance the services our communities offer our customers,” said Laszlo Kismarton, a digital transformation expert at Revel.

“As we continue to build our network, we’re excited about how this Adobe partnership will accelerate value for our customers, keep the innovation flywheel spinning, and potentially expand to new applications beyond sales and marketing.”

via Revel
via Revel

In the same study, Gartner revealed how poor CX attribute as a damaging factor in digital business projects.  30% respondents agreed that poor CX is a significant factor that affects B2B digital business processes.

“We are pleased to be working with Revel Consulting to help transform B2B companies into Experience Businesses,” said Tony Sanders, senior director of global SI and Americas partner sales at Adobe. “Revel is uniquely positioned to help companies thrive in the digital world and will help prepare them to make the best use of Adobe’s digital marketing technology to create unmatched experiences for their customers.”

Currently, Revel is organized into five communities, each focusing on different phases in LTV of digital business transformation, connected together to ensure a flywheel of innovation built into its customer engagements. These communities are –

via Revel
via Revel

These communities are designed for maximum agility and flexibility in the face of ever-evolving technological capabilities, consumer expectations and client needs in the B2B ecosystem. Its operating model makes Revel uniquely positioned to help its clients stay ahead of three megatrends – omnichannel-to-ubiquity, monetizing trust, and Agile-Everything – looming on the horizon for companies across all industries.

Digital transformation is no longer a technology trend; it is a Center of Excellence focusing at the center of business strategies across all industry segments and markets. Digital transformation offers a critical opportunity for companies to redefine CX, achieve new levels of enterprise productivity, and create competitive advantage. Enterprise investments in digital transformation will constitute the majority of growth in technology markets over the next five years, making it a priority for technology vendors as well. CMOs in 2017 agree that digital transformations as a “matter of survival”, and consider it as a symbol of economic maturity.

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers a complete set of marketing solutions, enabling marketers to gain deep insights into customers, build personalized campaigns and manage digital assets for web, social and mobile. Revel’s collaboration with Adobe Marketing Cloud will allow CMOs and senior marketing executives to implement critical digital transformation with end-state vision for their B2B campaigns.


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