SiteSpect Launches Visual Editor 2.0 to Empower Marketers Without Coding Expertise

SiteSpect’s Newly Launched Visual Editor 2.0 Offers a User-Friendly Interface That Improves the Ease and Efficiency of Customer Engagement

SiteSpect, a recognized leader in customer experience optimization and pioneer of full-stack testing and personalization, has announced the launch of their Visual Editor 2.0, a platform that allows marketers to design and deliver personalized customer experiences without knowledge of coding languages. Focused on empowering marketers to continuously test and optimize digital experiences, the Visual Editor 2.0 offers a user-friendly interface that improves the ease and efficiency of customer engagement improvements.

Eric Hansen
Eric Hansen

“The demands of customers today are always evolving and yet marketers often run into technical roadblocks that impede their ability to drive change,” said Eric Hansen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of SiteSpect. “Our Visual Editor 2.0 eliminates these common barriers and puts the power back into marketers’ hands, providing them with a best-in-class tool for code-free editing and testing of digital experiences.”

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The Visual Editor 2.0’s key features include:

  • Point-and-Click Editing: Seamlessly change web page elements without having to modify CSS or JavaScript code.
  • Single Page Application (SPA) Integration: Make visual changes that don’t break app functionality, and build tests that range from a single-page look and feel changes to full-site redesigns.
  • Omnichannel Presence: Easily integrates with APIs, SPAs, licensed and custom frameworks, mobile, and desktop.
  • Multi-Page Impact: Work with page categories to effect multiple pages with one change.
  • Advanced Analytics: Track clicks and experiment with specific elements of web pages using various metrics functions.
  • Campaign Segmentation: Easily create digital experiences unique to each audience, and preview every variation before launch.

Visual Editor 2.0’s most powerful differentiator is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Single Page Applications (SPA) out of the box, such as React and Angular. Instead of being held back by limited SPA integration, marketers can now use SiteSpect to integrate with any framework without interruption or performance disadvantages. SPA integration supports marketers’ quest with an omnichannel experience, enabling them to optimize their web pages on all platforms.

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