Texting for Good: How to Drive Better Engagement and Action among Your Communities

Mitto is helping nonprofits, advocacy groups and brands communicate key information and guidance around their social good initiatives by offering free-to-discounted SMS services

To help foster continued and effective conversation that drives positive outcomes during these challenging times, Mitto has launched its Texting for Good campaign, offering qualifying nonprofits, advocacy groups and brands free-to-discounted SMS services when they are able to demonstrate a direct focus on taking action to improve racial equality, provide support or information-sharing during the COVID-19 health crisis, or other social good programs.

“With movements like the powerful efforts to improve racial injustice in the U.S., consumers expect brands, nonprofits and other organizations to share transparent and direct communication around what they are doing to help, as well as how others can best serve their communities and country in the upcoming months and beyond,” said Andrea Giacomini, CEO of Mitto. “Mitto launched our Texting for Good campaign to provide these organizations with an effective way to keep the conversations going with their current communities and continue to expand their reach.”

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According to a recent Mitto survey, 73% of Americans say it is important that the social justice-related statements they receive from brands, nonprofits, and other organizations, are not only empathetic, but are followed by measurable action. Mitto’s Texting for Good campaign enables organizations to use its services for free or at a discount to ensure they are able to highlight their incredible work and keep up with the level of communication their communities expect.

Of the many benefits that come from using SMS to deliver messages to communities during this time, the highlights include:

Communicate Support: As 77% of US consumers said that the messages they received from brands have made them feel like brands care about their well being during the global coronavirus pandemic, it is critical to make sure your consumers know how much you value them and their health with empathetic communications during crises.

Stay in Touch: Texting for Good helps organizations stay connected to their consumers. Given 87% of Americans who make donations believe it is important that an organization regularly follows up to communicate up-to-date information and how the money has made a difference, a direct message avoids any wondering or waiting.

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Drive Participation: Using SMS to reach consumers is a great way to drive participation. In fact, 71% of Americans ages 18-24 are more likely to take action around Black Lives Matter movement issues when they are sent a direct text with details.

Deliver Timely Messages: Sharing messages that show your support and help others do the same is made smart and simple with SMS. According to Mitto’s survey, 87% of Americans that participate in protests or other forms of spreading awareness, find it important to be directly alerted around protest locations or time changes.

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