Dexecure Raises US $7,60,000 to Make the Web Faster

Dexecure Raises S $1 Million to Make the Web Faster

Dexecure Optimizes Websites Across Devices, Browsers and Bandwidth Conditions Achieving up to 40% Faster Load Time

Singapore-based SaaS company Dexecure announced a Singapore $1 million (USD 7,62,948.20) seed financing round by Cocoon Capital and Walden International.

Dexecure’s unique algorithm speeds up mobile and desktop websites by up to 40%. Faster websites generate more page views, increase customer engagement and drive more conversions and sales. Since Dexecure also reduces the bandwidth needed per page, both websites and their visitors save on bandwidth cost. Dexecure integrates with enterprise-grade content delivery networks (CDNs) in the market, making it easy to deploy in any production environment.

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Dexecure Raises S $1 Million to Make the Web Faster
Inian Parameshwaran

Inian Parameshwaran, Founder and CEO of Dexecure said, “With browsers coming up with new features every single month, it is almost impossible for website developers to keep track and change their code to optimize for performance. At Dexecure, we have a team of developers that monitor these changes and accelerate websites so that users anywhere can enjoy a fast browsing experience.” Dexecure’s initial ideas were based on three years of research at the National University of Singapore and in collaboration with Anquan Capital Pte. Ltd.

Dexecure also allows website owners to measure the impact of increasing website performance on user engagement and sales. Their dashboard will integrate with tools like Google Analytics to accurately track the performance of the enhanced websites.

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Dexecure was the first Singapore startup to be included in the Y Combinator Fellowship Program. In the last 4 months, Dexecure has optimized and served 568 million requests, saving 6.8 terabytes of data for its customers. Dexecure is also a part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and offers their customers an accelerating software layer on top of the CloudFront service.

Dexecure Raises S $1 Million to Make the Web Faster
Will Klippgen

Will Klippgen, Managing Partner at Cocoon Capital, Southeast Asia’s leading early-stage VC, will join Dexecure’s board of directors. “Dexecure shows how global innovation is shifting towards Asia. We found that the company enables speed increases for high-traffic websites at a 6x to 10x lower price point compared to existing solutions in the market, and we are very excited to join Inian and his amazing team on their journey,” he added.

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