Telaria Attains 100% Ads.txt Compliance Across All Premium Video Supply

Telaria Bans Unauthorized Resellers to Help Publishers and Buyers Identify Legitimate Video Supply and Reduce Counterfeit Inventory

Telaria, the leading video monetization software company, announced that it is the first and only video supply platform to reach full ads.txt compliance following a concerted effort to ensure all its publisher partners have adopted the initiative. To adhere to the highest level of transparency and accountability, the company will continue to block all resellers not authorized in a publisher’s ads.txt file from its platform.

Ads.txt addresses the issue of counterfeit or “spoofed” video inventory head-on by providing publishers with a simple way to publicly identify their trusted sellers, which buyers can then verify. By being a proponent of ads.txt and developing the strictest supply rules in the industry, Telaria has created a programmatic buying environment in which advertisers can buy with confidence and publishers are completely sure their assets are protected.

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Telaria Attains 100% Ads.txt Compliance Across All Premium Video Supply
Katie Evans

“Telaria has been an early proponent of ads.txt and we are encouraged to see industry adoption accelerate as both publishers and buyers understand the value of this initiative. As an independent platform, our perspective is that radical transparency is required to ensure a healthy and vibrant ecosystem which is why we made 100% compliance a high priority. We are continuing to work with the IAB and our partners to improve upon what ads.txt currently offers and explore new ways to introduce more clarity into the supply chain, particularly in the premium video space,” said Katie Evans, Chief Operating Officer, Telaria.

Telaria Attains 100% Ads.txt Compliance Across All Premium Video Supply
Nick Chakalos

“It’s pretty incredible that ads.txt debuted just a year ago and has already had a material impact on whom buyers trust, and from whom they will purchase inventory. We are glad to see Telaria take the extra step of removing ads.txt-unauthorized resellers from their platform. It gives us added assurance that our customers’ dollars are going to premium video inventory through approved channels,” said Nick Chakalos, SVP of Global Business Development, VideoAmp.

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The IAB’s ads.txt initiative is one standardized method for the industry to provide publishers with a simple way to list which companies are allowed to sell their inventory. Almost immediately after the IAB-led initiative was announced, Telaria’s platform incorporated a simple, self-service button into its dashboard that generates automatic code specific to the supply partner’s seat, making it easier for them to update their ads.txt file. Buyers can find this list through a web crawler, and easily gain confidence that they are buying impressions from an approved source. Telaria released an ads.txt crawler shortly after the initiative’s launch, to give buyers the power of crawling up to 10,000 domains to determine which of them are allowed to sell Telaria inventory. Third parties can use it to legitimize their role as authorized sellers in a market that increasingly demands verification.

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