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Adbrain Integrates with Narrative I/O’s Data Commercialization Platform (DCP) to Extend the Global Reach of its Customer Identity Data

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Data marketplace and platform company Narrative has partnered with Adbrain, a global provider of intelligent customer identity technology solutions, as a premier cross-device data source for Narrative’s newly launched Data Commercialization Platform (DCP). The Platform is a digital data marketplace for buyers and sellers of raw data assets to easily discover each other and transact, avoiding the headaches and costs of lengthy contract discussions and one-off  integrations.

Adbrain is providing its powerful cross-device data sets to the Narrative DCP. Adbrain’s data is valuable for marketing technologists who want to build their own people-based marketing solutions.
Bryan Everett, President, Narrative

“Our mission is to make data access, acquisition, and integration as simple and expedient as possible by transparently connecting data owners with relevant data acquirers. Our customers are consistently trying to tie together the data that they acquire through Narrative’s marketplace with highly scalable and accurate identity data that is portable to a variety of different ecosystems for execution.  Adbrain is a perfect fit for this given its global reach, intelligent cross-device technology and unique position in the market as being media agnostic with industry-leading ID mapping capabilities,” said Bryan Everett, President at Narrative. “.”
Gareth Davies, CEO,  Adbrain

“We’re excited to be an early adopter of Narrative’s revolutionary new platform. The partnership with Narrative opens up a new network of potential clients for Adbrain given the broad base of buyers that are connected to the marketplace. It’s a huge step forward for the market to have easy access to customer identity resolution data, and given the transparent nature of the platform, we’re looking forward to building strong relationships with a whole new set of demand partners” said Gareth Davies, CEO, Adbrain.”

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