GTM Partners Release Data-Driven Comprehensive Guide to Go-To-Market

GTM Partners (PRNewsfoto/GTM Partners)

The first-of-its-kind guide in partnership with G2 introduces the 8-pillar GTM Operating System to help companies identify and map efficient growth opportunities

GTM Partners, the go-to-market analyst firm focused on making go-to-market simple, releases the first Comprehensive Guide To Go-To-Market. This month also marks the one-year anniversary of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book MOVE: The 4-question Go-to-Market Framework, which was co-authored by founders Sangram Vajre and Bryan Brown.

“It is clear from the data and our research that B2B companies cannot get to efficient growth without investing in a Go-To-Market approach that stretches beyond customer acquisition,” says Bryan Brown, co-founder and chief analyst of GTM Partners. This will require companies to think past their demand funnels and focus on building a customer experience that delivers increased lifetime value. The new holistic approach to GTM as detailed in the Comprehensive Guide to GTM, can deliver what companies are craving – predictable, repeatable, and scalable revenue growth.”

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The Comprehensive Guide to Go-To-Market deep dives into:

  • The current state and challenges of GTM
  • The evolution of Marketing and Sales functions and their role in GTM
  • A unifying definition for GTM and the roles and responsibilities of marketing, sales, customer success, product and leadership teams
  • An 8-pillar GTM Operating System that helps companies approach GTM more holistically
  • A use-case-based GTM Technology Cloud that helps organizations identify the right tech to support their GTM process
  • Key buyer trends that are driving the GTM Technology Landscape, in partnership with G2

“Any strong go-to-market strategy is rooted in data,” said Amanda Malko, CMO at G2. “With almost two million peer reviews across 2,100+ categories in our software marketplace, we’re proud to serve as a data source for GTM Partners’ new guide, helping go-to-market leaders unlock new insights that guide their strategy going forward.”

Based on the analysis, in partnership with G2 – the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, here are some of the key takeaways in GTM buying trends, from the guide.

Demand for software focused on:

  • Identifying the most ideal and in-market customers is up 3.9x since 2018
  • Driving growth through marketing initiatives is up 4.9x since 2018
  • Driving sales velocity is up 4.8x since 2018
  • Driving growth by improving existing customer outcomes is up 7.7x since 2018
  • Driving efficient growth through RevOps is up 3.6x since 2018
  • Helping leaders unify and strengthen their GTM teams is up 8.6x since 2018.

With the release of this Comprehensive Guide to Go-To-Market, the 8-pillar GTM Operating System, and the GTM Technology Cloud, GTM Partners becomes the go-to for go-to-market. The company has decided to be radically generous and make this guide freely available to all, in line with its mission to make go-to-market simple.

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