InfoComply Selects Acuant Verification To Improve Protection And Processing Of Personal Data

Acuant announces partnership to help enterprise customers protect, save and process the personal data of consumers while procuring their valid consent

Acuant, a leading global provider of identity verification solutions, and InfoComply, a company on a mission to protect consumer data and reduce time to compliance,  announced a partnership to help enterprise customers protect, save and process the personal data of consumers while procuring their valid consent.

InfoComply addresses pain points related to data belonging to individuals. The company helps corporations reduce the time to compliance with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and other upcoming global regulations, while empowering consumers and protecting brand reputation. Through the partnership, InfoComply will use Acuant’s AssureID™ and FaceID identity verification solutions to significantly reduce privacy request handling times by legal teams with huge cost savings.

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Acuant’s AssureID and FaceID solutions for fast multi-factor authentication improve customer experiences and mitigate fraud. AssureID’s patented technology authenticates IDs by applying more than 50 forensic and biometric tests in seconds. Acuant has the industry’s largest document library and is AI powered for the highest accuracy. With Acuant’s automated verification, companies eliminate manual errors and speed up the document inspection process. As an additional layer of security, Acuant FaceID performs biometric facial recognition and liveness detection with a liveness test to prevent identity theft and fraud.

“With InfoComply and our iDatachoice platform, the discovery of data subject information across the enterprise has become much faster. We help corporations and individuals capitalize on this by enabling trust between them, while at the same time adhering to global privacy regulations compliance,” commented Suren Reddy, Co-Founder and Vice President of Customer Success at InfoComply. “With Acuant, we’re able to deliver extremely fast and accurate verification that further solidifies the trust that’s required between a company and its customers.”

iDatachoice is a global repository of trust/privacy centers for organizations, helping consumers find relevant privacy policy information to support informed data choices with organizations having access to their data. Using the data privacy platform, individuals can now find out how an organization is processing their data or if there was any data breach. A one-stop website allows consumers to find any company privacy policy, file requests to multiple companies at the same time and track requests to completion.

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“InfoComply puts individuals in the driver’s seat of their own personal data management,” said Yossi Zekri, President and CEO of Acuant. “Our verification and authentication solutions are the perfect complement to their solutions, as we show trusted consumers the fast lane, while adding checks to suspicious users. With our patented Digital Identity eDNA™ technology, we protect against identity theft and fraud, while also meeting compliance needs.”

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