INBOX25 Further Sweetens SugarCRM with a Built-In Marketing Automation Solution and AI-Infused Functionality

Built-In Marketing Cloud Solution for SugarCRM, Leadbox On-Site Messaging and Vision AI for Lead Generation and Sales Alerts

INBOX25, a business growth platform, unveils a new package of AI-driven functionality to their marketing automation solution in addition to an all-new, completely seamless, SugarCRM module experience.

With over 10 years delivering SugarCRM marketing solutions, INBOX25’s latest cutting-edge platform is built into the CRM; sales and marketing teams no longer need to shuffle and toggle between multiple applications. Adding A.I and greatly expanding the native marketing functionality within SugarCRM, INBOX25 has created a truly unique and valuable marketing cloud experience.

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“We’ve spent a lot of time examining ‘web’ as a marketing channel and how those assets are leveraged. Specifically, looking at traffic flow, engagement and conversion rates. We found that web traffic is an extremely underutilized channel. Leadbox was designed to help facilitate that conversation through targeted messaging and offers. Leadbox is capable of targeting messaging to specific segments of traffic based on referral, traffic type (organic or PPC) and even known details for known and returning visitors. Leadbox is about delivering the right message, at the right time to the right visitors,“ says Kevin Lawrie, CTO.

The new Vision-inspired Timeline report and real-time Vision-infused alerts automatically analyzes and scans contacts to deliver personal demographics, company insights and social footprint – and includes a 360-degree report in addition to dropping an email alert to an assigned sales agent in real-time.

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“Further expanding upon the Vision family, INBOX25 is pleased to welcome Vision Prospector, a lead generation engine that analyzes inbound site traffic and social followers to deliver a 360-degree profile of the people and companies viewing your brand. Every second counts and Vision is there to align sales agents with prospects that are engaging with your brand,” says Alex Borack, Customer Success Manager.

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