Imprev Marketing Automation Created 14.7 Million Digital and Print Marketing Assets for Clients in 2018

Empowered Brokers to Leverage Listings to Generate New Business for Agents

In 2018, Imprev continued its quest to give real estate franchises and brokerages a new, powerful way to reach substantially more consumers. Brokerages are using Imprev’s service to create effective marketing campaigns with company-defined best practices that harness the power of their agents’ marketing networks.

The results have been impressive. Through its marketing automation platform, Imprev generated marketing for over 1.5 million of their clients’ listings last year, creating 14.7 million marketing assets that included websites, virtual tours, YouTube videos, social media, flyers, and postcards, and sent 94.9 million emails to agents’ prospects and referral networks. Imprev also added more than 4,700 customer-created design templates, bringing the total number in the platform to over 17,000.

“The sheer power of automation is something the market hasn’t seen before,” says Imprev CEO Renwick Congdon. “With the support of this robust technology, franchises and brokerages can scale their marketing and advertising efforts in unheard-of ways. I like to say that the possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination!”

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Imprev’s service fully automates the creation of digital, social media, and print property marketing materials throughout the life of a brokerage’s listings, ensuring optimum marketing practices throughout the entire company. Brokerages have full control over the look and feel of their agents’ marketing assets.

Imprev clients recognize the opportunities that marketing automation brings to their brands. “With automation, agents have a repeatable way to deliver their marketing promise to clients — without wasting precious hours on repetitive, manual tasks. Imprev understands how important it is to deliver a consistent brand and marketing experience to our clients at every point in the home-selling process, which ultimately makes our brand even more valuable to an agent’s business,” said NextHome CEO James Dwiggins when launching Imprev Marketing Automation for NextHome agents.

“Marketing automation is the future of real estate,” says Bill Yaman, Imprev’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “In a time of market volatility and increasing competition, brokerages are turning to proven service providers like Imprev to integrate with their in-house technology stacks to deliver impactful, valuable services to their agent communities. They’re embracing the proven benefits of taking inconsistent and manual effort out of standard processes so everyone—from the broker to the agent—can be more strategic and successful.”

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The Imprev Marketing Automation platform integrates with leading technology companies to deliver unique, fully integrated solutions to franchises and brokerages. Integration partners include Contactually, MoxiWorks, Blueroof360, Boston Logic,, Real Estate Digital (RED), ListHub, Reliance Real Estate Services, Agent Achieve, TRIBUS, Incom Real Estate, Real Estate Webmasters, and PlanOmatic.

By the Numbers

Property marketing assets created by Imprev’s Marketing Automation service include 3.1 million ePostcards, 3 million social media posts, 2.7 million postcards, 1.7 million flyers, 1.1 million websites, 1.1 million virtual tours, 1 million videos, and nearly 1 million brochures.

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