Nimble CRM’s New Add-In for Outlook on iOS Will Deliver Unique Social Relationship Insights

MarTech companies are increasingly focusing on making the enterprise collaboration tools more user-friendly. As email marketing gets more personalized and mobile-centric, marketers chose from a wide range of third-party apps for task management. Outlook, easily the most preferred email app for iOS, now gets more integration in MarTech than other third-party apps. One of the latest platforms to offer Outlook for iOS is Nimble, the leading CRM solutions provider for social sales and marketing.

Nimble is a pioneer in SaaS-based CRM solutions for web and social media. By offering seamless integration with a new add-in for Outlook for iOS, Nimble CRM users will receive instant social business insights on people and companies. The new Nimble Smart Contacts add-in for Outlook on iOS will allow Outlook users to benefit from Nimble’s full and detailed view of any contact – directly from their email messages.

Jon Ferrara, CEO - Nimble, Founder of GoldMine
Jon Ferrara, CEO – Nimble, Founder of GoldMine

“We’re all over-connected and over-communicated by too many email messages,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble.

“By putting Nimble’s powerful social contact insights right into Outlook, we will help millions of business users to no longer flying blind with relationships and engagement.”

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Unique Aspects of Nimble Smart Contacts

Nimble’s new add-ins for Outlook on iOS rolled out new features –

  • Automatic matching of social and public details of customers and B2B users
  • Instant business and social insights for people and companies in Outlook Mobile
  • company insights including biography, industry, number of employees, year Founded, keywords, company type, revenue, CEO name, address and phone
  • People insights like person’s name, company name, title, biography, location, keywords, work experience, education, social identities
  • Social contact profile matching to create rich contact details
  • Social company profile matching to create rich company details
via Nimble CRM
via Nimble CRM

“The biggest cause of communication failure is the lack of knowledge of who someone is or what their business is about,” says Ferrara.

“Nimble has reimagined relationship management with a Simply Smarter Relationship Manager add-in that works for you, delivering critical contact background details right inside your Outlook inbox,” adds Ferrara.

Nimble CRM is one of the simplest SaaS-based marketing solutions for growing businesses. By offering the latest add-in features on a 14-day free trial, Nimble has extended its Social CRM platform across G Suite, Chrome, Outlook, Safari, Hootsuite, iOS and Android. Business accounts can add Nimble’s new add-in for Outlook on iOS at $25 per month.

“Nimble is a welcome addition to the Office ecosystem as they clearly have an understanding of the needs of business users in a social, global world,” said Rob Howard, Director, Office Product Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “Providing contextual information about contacts helps business relationships flourish, so connecting that capability through the new Nimble add-in for Outlook on iOS is a logical step.”

The way enterprises do business in 2017 has changed drastically compared to the scenario two years ago. Sales teams need powerful, real-time insights to make rapid decisions — much of it attributed to social media and mobile engagements. By adding CRM features to Outlook on iOS, marketers can create enriching customer experience through deeper engagement. Add-ins focusing on customer experience, like the one between Nimble and Outlook on iOS, also offer seamless collaboration with transformative experiences to every CRM user. Sales CRM integrated with social features provide a “leaping board” for simple customer management across mobile and web.

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