Telecom Giant Proximus Opts for Neustar MarketShare to Optimize Its Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Neustar, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based real-time information services, today announced its selection as a partner by Belgium’s largest telecom operator Proximus. By opting for the Neustar MarketShare DecisionCloud digital enablement platform, the telecom enterprise will be able to understand and optimize its marketing and ad campaigns across Belgium.

Neustar offers a range of solutions and services for website performance and fraud detection. Neustar MarketShare DecisionCloud is a robust, next-gen marketing automation tool for planning and allocation, multi-touch attribution, dynamic pricing, TV ad measurement and performance benchmarking. By partnering with Neustar, Proximus will be able to get a complete picture of its sales and marketing investments, enabling CMOs to extract the highest ROI from their campaigns.

Proximus is also taking up Neustar MarketShare’s consulting services to improve its data management, gain further insights and increase ROI from its campaigns.

“Campaign planning and management in multicultural countries with mature markets, such as Belgium, can make it difficult for brands to deliver successfully targeted campaigns at the granular level,” said Luis Chaves, Managing Director, Neustar MarketShare UK.

“By incorporating holistic modeling and monitoring solutions with the help of Neustar, Proximus is now able to optimize its campaigns and accurately report ROI from its marketing activities.”

What prompted Proximus to collaborate with Neustar MarketShare?

Proximus, formerly Belgacom Mobile, partnered Neustar to enhance customer experience across its marketing campaigns. Neustar at Proximus will deliver a holistic view of the sales and marketing the effectiveness, impact of incentive promotions and advertising, and competitor analytics.  Proximus will leverage Neustar MarketShare, an advanced analytics solution, for full budget planning and campaign course correction capabilities at both an overarching and granular level to accurately monitor and optimize its campaigns.

Catherine Deltenre, Director, Corporate Strategy and Market Insights at Proximus, said –

“At Proximus, we have the challenge of targeting diverse consumers with the right offer at the right moment, in a highly competitive marketplace. By partnering with Neustar we will be able to plan and allocate our marketing and sales investments and resources accurately across our sales channels, communications methods and marketing techniques to maximize the effect on sales and deliver greater ROI.”

The Neustar MarketShare DecisionCloud solution will enable Proximus to plan its sales and marketing spending; regularly and accurately reallocate its budgets to maximize ROI from its campaigns. By working in partnership with Neustar MarketShare’s consulting services, Proximus will also be able to leverage and optimize its datasets to plan and predict the effectiveness of its campaigns.

What else does Neustar offer?

Apart from Neustar MarketShare DecisionCloud, the marketing enablement firm also offers unique data management and audience discovery solutions —

Neustar Identity Data Management Platform (IDMP)

Powered by OneID, Neustar IDMP is a unified platform offering flawless customer experience based on audience segmentation, data syndication, and closed-loop measurement

Customer Intelligence

Marketers at Proximus will be able to leverage Neustar’s powerful Customer Intelligence tools for online and offline lead scoring, segmentation, data cleanse, and much more.

Data Activation

How to make your data speak? Neustar’s Data Activation solutions enable marketers to build high-value first-party data sets using AdAdvisor, PageAdvisor, and Omnichannel Remarketing tools, powering truly personalized customer experience across the web, mobile and social.

Performance and security

Neustar’s website monitoring and load testing tools help online businesses mitigate traffic issues and bottlenecks, offering synthetic and real-user monitors. It also offers compliance solutions, fraud detection, device detection intelligence, mobile user attribution and IP intelligence capabilities.

Neustar’s partnership with Proximus comes less than two months since it was acquired by Golden Gate Capital, a San Francisco-based private equity firm. The early-stage investor company acquired Neustar in December 2016 for $1.8 billion. In 2015, Neustar acquired the LA-based advanced marketing analytics firm MarketShare. In 2008, collaborative web performance management platform Webmetrics was scooped by Neustar. Webmetrics has since been renamed as Neustar Webmetrics.

Neustar MarketShare at Proximus opens up a new landscape of opportunities for data scientists, enabling them to isolate precise data sets that influence B2B decisions. Neustar help marketers send timely and relevant messages to the right people. It works with some of the world’s most complex databases, helping clients control their online identity, registering and protecting their domain name, and routing traffic to the correct network address.

MarTech collaborations in 2017 will be as much about data as it will about the value marketers generate from diverse solutions and platforms.

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