Salesforce Introduces Service Cloud Einstein AI to Transform Customer Service Interaction

Meet Service Cloud Einstein, Salesforce’s latest offering.

Conceived as the world’s first intelligent customer service platform, the introduction of Salesforce’s Service Cloud Einstein is an electrifying development for marketers who are perennially challenged to deliver proactive, personalized service to their customers. The intelligent customer service platform offers SMBs seamless opportunity across all marketing channels, enabling them to deliver services that are responsive, intuitive, personalized and smart.

Most SMBs and start-ups consider customer service as a quintessential but an expensive part of their organization. CMOs are increasingly looking for MarTech tools that can turn their limited customer service capabilities into a revenue-generating profit center. Salesforce has undoubtedly mastered the “Art of Timing” when it comes to introducing most contemporary MarTech features and integrations relevant to changing marketing landscape.

via Salesforce Einstein AI
via Salesforce Einstein AI

Inbuilt intelligence in a customer service platform presents a huge opportunity to businesses of all sizes. Salesforce, a leading exponent of intelligence in MarTech, delivered Service Cloud Einstein to magnify the prospects of AI technology and its seamless integration across existing customer services’ functionalities.

“Customers today expect and demand great service experiences,” said Adam Blitzer, EVP and GM, Service and Sales Clouds, Salesforce.

“Service Cloud Einstein empowers companies to transform any customer service interaction into a smart conversation that drives brand loyalty and creates customers for life.”

Applications in Service Cloud Einstein

Einstein Case Management

A powerful, highly efficient correction agent in customer service platform, Einstein Case Management drives faster service for cases that are automatically classified as they come in. By having AI do everything related to customer engagement, businesses can directly bring analytics and omnichannel supervision into marketing campaigns.

With Einstein Case Management, high priority cases get quickly routed to the next available agent who knows what the case is about before they even pick up the phone, making the experience seamless for the customer.

Einstein Supervisor

Contact center supervisors can now leverage real-time operational insights with smart data discovery to drive their omnichannel campaigns, increasing agent productivity and customer satisfaction across multiple touch points.

Apart from taking real-time actions on queued items and recommendations, Einstein Supervisor can also predict the intensity of customer engagement and their satisfaction levels, before making specific recommendations to improve the customer experience.

Intelligent Mobile Service

As marketers switch to Mobile-First ecosystem in 2017, businesses face a hard task automating their MarTech capabilities with mobile. With Intelligent Mobile Service, marketers can connect with their on-field team members with a connected service app on iOS and Android so they can deliver personalized, exceptional service anywhere.

Service Cloud Einstein mobile app utilizes a highly-advanced machine learning algorithm to optimize scheduling and routing. Additionally, it also provides real-time access to complete CRM data and even has offline capabilities so mobile workers can be productive without cell coverage.

Availability in 2017

Currently, only Einstein Supervisor with Analytics Cloud’s Service Wave analytics app and Smart Data Discovery is included in the Enterprise edition and above. Service Wave bundle is priced at $75 per user, per month. The pricing for the Smart Data Discovery functionality is discrete, based on the volume of data and the number of users.

Einstein Case Management will be released as a pilot suite in the later part of 2017. Meanwhile, Intelligent Mobile Service, also referred to as Field Service Lightning, will be readily available at $150 per user, per month for Salesforce clients that have either Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition Service Cloud License. However, this service is also available as pilot mobile app for Android.

What’s next with MarTech innovations in Customer Service?

By introducing Service Cloud Einstein, Salesforce has paved the way for service organizations vouching to infuse intelligence into their operation. There is colossal opening to bring intelligence into customer service. Smart image recognition, intelligent upsell & cross-sell, service bots and son on. Least said, AI in MarTech offers better experiences to customers, creating a competitive advantage even in a disruptive marketplace.

According to Accenture Strategy Report, titled ‘Digital Disconnect in Customer Engagement’, 83% consumers prefer human interaction with channels over digital platforms to solve customer service issues. In another report by Accenture, 79% of IT and business executives “agree that AI will help accelerate technology adoption throughout their organizations” and that “AI is poised to enable companies to improve the experience and outcome for every critical customer interaction.”

The Future of AI in Customer Service…

As businesses look to leverage customer service as a revenue generation center in coming years, AI is very well the omnipotent distinction between performers and survivors in digital transformation journey. To deal with the rapidly emerging channels and technologies for messaging and app commerce, B2B enterprises will look to deploy AI-powered service platforms like Service Cloud Einstein to create exceptional customer experiences. Marketers using AI can finally attune to emerging technologies, delivering exceptional service and maintaining operational excellence, powered by incorruptible intelligence.

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