Velocify ReportHub, An Intelligent “Fitness Tracker” for Sales Organizations to Achieve Peak Performance

Velocify, the leading cloud-based sales intelligence platform, has introduced a new business performance analytics solution to track and improve the health of sales efforts across the enterprise. Called the ReportHub, the sales intelligence tool provides real-time actionable insights on sales performances across reps, campaigns, and lead sources. ReportHub is now readily available at no additional cost to customers using Velocify LeadManager.

Velocify ReportHub’s dashboard is very similar to a digital fitness tracker. Its function—even more similar! By providing actionable sales performance insights, the latest sales intelligence tool enables managers and administrators in the sales team to evaluate and improve contact strategies, enhance lead sourcing and refine resource allocation.

As businesses grow more customer-centric, the only way companies can survive the competition is by putting sales automation into its processes. Velocify provides powerful sales acceleration capabilities to professionals, enabling them to draw a clear conclusion from easy-to-use data visualizations and sales execution automation.

“Sales processes have become increasingly digitized, generating enormous amounts of relevant performance data,” said Manoj Goyal, COO at Velocify. “ReportHub presents crucial data in an easily digestible way, helping guide data-driven decisions that can have a meaningful impact on sales growth.”

How ReportHub works?

ReportHub breaks down an individual company’s sales analytics into three main categories: lead source performance, contact day/time of call performance, and sales rep/user performance. Each category offers an array of interactive reports, including dashboards for quick analysis, and detailed charts for sales managers to drill down into the data to uncover deeper performance trends across sales reps, lead sources, or contact strategies.

via Velocify
via Velocify

By adding ReportHub, Velocify users can have seamless access to large stores of highly granular and accurate sales activity data. Additionally, ReportHub will also integrate with other existing sales process management capabilities, empowering companies to stay agile and continuously improve performance through iterative optimization.

Velocify currently offers –

  • Velocify Pulse for focused sales dialing and emails, integrated with Salesforce
  • Velocify LeadManager for sales acceleration and growth with automated routine task management
  • Velocify DialIQ, the only click-to-call sales dialer for enhanced sales communication

Sales organizations today need better insight into which reps, lead sources, and sales strategies are performing well, and which ones aren’t. However, sales managers and admins often have to use manual, time-consuming processes to download data and run separate analyses on critical key performance indicators. This painstaking process often inhibits their ability to take quick action.

Adding Velocify’s latest sales intelligence capability removes the dependence on sales coaching opportunities by improving the health of the overall sales pipeline through real-time performance assessments.

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