Vendasta Ranks Among Top Growing Canadian Tech Companies

Vendasta Secured Its Coveted Spot on the 2018 Branham300 List of Public and Private Technology Companies by Achieving 45 Percent Revenue Growth from 2016 to 2017

Vendasta was recently named in the Branham300 – a definitive list of the fastest growing information and communication technology (ICT) companies in Canada. The Saskatoon-based software group secured the 130th spot in the list’s slice of Top 250 Tech Companies countrywide, along with three other deserving Saskatchewan businesses.

“The Branham300 is based on revenue growth and we are pleased to have made the list again. As we grow to our goal of $100 million in revenue, maintaining a high growth rate is challenging,” Vendasta CEO Brendan King said. “However, our growth rate is actually increasing as we become the software platform of choice for companies providing marketing, sales, and other digital solutions to local businesses. Demand internationally is rising dramatically, and Canadian tech is being seen as desirable and competitive. I am proud of the world-class platform our team is building right here in Saskatoon.”

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Vendasta secured its coveted spot on the 2018 Branham300 list of public and private technology companies by achieving 45 percent revenue growth from 2016 to 2017. The Branham Group reports that revenue generated by the Top 250 tech companies in Canada has grown every year since 2009. In fiscal 2017, Canada’s Top 250 achieved growth of 1.14 percent, compared to 9.6 percent the previous year.

“I want to emphasize that this slowdown in growth is not caused by weakness in either the ICT sector or the overall economy. It’s quite the opposite,” said J Wayne Gudbranson, CEO of Branham Group. “We saw reduced growth because Canadian companies are so attractive that a number of large firms were purchased by Canadian or foreign buyers and were therefore no longer eligible for our ranking,”

This is the third time Vendasta has been recognized on the Branham300, having applied and been ranked in the Top Canadian ICT Companies in 2016 and among the Top 25 Canadian IT Up and Comers in 2009.

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