WorkWave Marketing Releases Mobile-First Automation Tools for On-Field Lead Management

WorkWave, the leading SaaS provider for field service lead management and “last mile” fleet management, has announced the release of indigenously-built marketing automation tool services within its core offering – PestPac. The new WorkWave Marketing integration will enable its customers to track and manage all their leads at one centralized location using intelligent sales and marketing automation processes.

From a MarTech perspective, sales reporting and sales intelligence solutions on mobile integrated through WorkWave Marketing automation will allow companies to leverage Big Data and real-time analytics, improving conversion rates signficantly. The new tool on WorkWave Marketing allows sales and marketing teams dynamically analyze billions of data points – static and dynamic, enabling each member to identify the various scenarios and outcomes based on the client account. By integrating real-time analytics into sales intelligence CRMs, WorkWave users can derive actionable and quantifiable sales insights across the field service ecosystem.

Marketing Automation via WorkWave
Marketing Automation via WorkWave

“Closing the lead to revenue loop and creating a true end-to-end field service management solution is a game changer for us and our customers,” said Chris Sullens, President and CEO of WorkWave.

“Since acquiring Refgo and in 2015, we have been hard at work building a set of integrated tools to allow WorkWave customers to tightly manage the sales process, automate marketing and drip email campaigns and to gain full visibility into the growth engine of their businesses. With these tools, WorkWave’s PestPac customers can now calculate the true ROI of all marketing campaigns, both offline or online, without the spreadsheet gymnastics and (the) guessing currently required by third party packages today.”

WorkWave sees the new release as a medium for users to fluently generate optimized ROI from every customer and prospect. Clients can align with diverse customer goals to bring complete and total efficiency to the markets they serve.

“Adding Lead Management and Marketing Automation provides a single vendor solution that eliminates third-party integration headaches for our customers and makes it far easier for them to track and manage key performance metrics across their entire business,” said Malcolm Lewis, senior vice president of WorkWave’s Marketing Solutions.

Marketing Automation via WorkWave
Marketing Automation via WorkWave

WorkWave, formerly known as Marathon Data, develops software solutions for on-field workers – drivers, pest control inspectors, landscrapers, delivery services and so on. The cloud-based field service management company recently acquired Hawaiian GPS and telematics brand GPS Heroes in December 2016.

The latest announcement on PestPac integration from WorkWave comes just days ahead of the PestPac User Conference, scheduled for March 6-9, 2017, in Las Vegas. As the fastest growing fleet automation software firm, WorkWave offers tightly integrated mobile-first solutions, including WorkWave Service™, ServiceCEO™, WorkWave Marketing™ and ContactUs™.

As the MarTech territory gets more competitive, firms with B2C prospects are leaping forward with their own automation tools and integrations. 2017 is an exciting year for micro-segmentation of the present MarTech ecosystem.

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