Latest Snaplytics Report Offers Unique Insights on Snapchat Engagement Metrics

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Snaplytics, the foremost analytics and marketing platform for social media insights, has released the most comprehensive survey on Snapchat data. The Snaplytics report combines insights from 500 brands with 24,000+ Snapchat stories and 217,000 Snaps. The purpose of the report is to enable organizations with powerful analytics on how to leverage Snapchat to improve audience reach and engagement at a more “eye level”.

 “Snapchat is unique because it allows businesses to connect with people in the moment and offer a different brand experience.” – Thomas Cilius, founder and CEO, Snaplytics.

Cilius added, “It’s the only social network where marketers aren’t seeing a decline in reach. With 161M daily active users on Snapchat, brands are quickly learning this is the go-to outlet because it allows them to engage their brand ambassadors and deliver content that really resonates with people, in real-time.”

In the recent months, Instagram Stories has stolen a major chunk of Snapchat’s audience. However, brand viewership at Snapchat continues be strong, even as B2B companies prefer to tell their brand stories via Snapchat Story.

Snaplytics Cross-conversion Funnel for Snapchat Engagement

via Snaplytics
via Snaplytics

As brands are still figuring out the best way to incorporate Snapchat into their marketing toolbox, the Snaplytics report offers critical data regarding the experience these 500 brands are having with their Snapchat campaigns –

  1. 61% of the content assets posted by brands on Snapchat are videos, which represents 5% increase from the first quarter of 2016.
  2. 25% new followers on Snapchat used Snapcodes to complete action, while 9% used Deeplinks.
  3. A Snaphat Story enjoys an open rate of 54.8%; 87.5% of those watch the full Story.
  4. The number of snaps in a story averages around 11 snaps per update.
  5. Consistency in the ongoing activity is the key on Snapchat. Brands post, on average, content two times a week.
  6. Completion rate, or the number of people viewing the whole story, climbed to 88% compared to 84% the previous quarter.

Lessons From Snaplytics report on Snapchat Marketing

According to Piper Jaffray, Snapchat is the go-to audience engagement for marketers targeting millennial population. It beats other social media platforms with a handsome margin, accounting 35% share among the millennial audience.

“It is essential for marketers to be creative and build followers quickly since our research shows that recommendations and calls-to-action made through Snapchat are much stronger than what is accomplished with Facebook or Instagram,” Cilius continued.

The Snaplytics report on Snapchat engagement recommends –

  1. The best approaches to growing a follower base (followers find brands by Username 64% of the time).
  2. Marketers can gain more traction via cross-promotion of content across Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst, Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Youth brands and NGOs focus on creating longer Snapchat Story. Brands prefer posting twice a week, between Wednesday and Saturday, creating a potential to engage audience on Sunday and Monday.
  4. Marketers should identify the “golden ratio” for Snapchat posts. According to the report, 50% of all stories on Snapchat contain six snaps running for less than a minute.

By publishing this report, Snaplytics is offering the first-ever fully comprehensive analysis on Snapchat metrics and trends across industries and channels. The report features case studies from McDonalds Germany, Scary Mommy and BBC One, enabling marketers to learn how users find brands on Snapchat and the success rate of social campaign over the medium.

Infographics by Snaplytics

via Snaplytics
via Snaplytics

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