Phunware Appoints Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger to Advisory Board

Phunware, Inc., a fully-integrated enterprise cloud platform for mobile that provides products, solutions, data and services for brands worldwide, announced the appointment of Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger to its Advisory Board.

“Dr. Sanger’s recent Declaration of Digital Independence underscored how invaluable his experience and leadership will be as we work to decentralize data through the launch of our blockchain-enabled, mobile-first ecosystem powered by PhunCoin and Phun,” said Randall Crowder, COO of Phunware. “We believe that the future of data will be decentralized. As such, we are seeding our ecosystem with more than 2.5 billion Phunware IDs and more than one petabyte of data in order to facilitate consumers in their efforts to regain full control over their digital identities worldwide.”

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Dr. Sanger, best known for his role as a Co-Founder of Wikipedia, is now the principal at Sanger Consulting. Not only has he helped start and advise many educational and reference websites, including Nupedia, Encyclopedia of Earth, WatchKnowLearn, Reading Bear, Infobitt and Everipedia, but he has also commercially expanded his doctoral dissertation focused on the theory of knowledge, writing and speaking frequently about both the Internet and its unique online communities and organizations.

“The most reliable guarantee of our privacy, security and free speech is not in the form of any enterprise, organization or government, but instead in the free agreement among free individuals to use common standards and protocols,” said Larry Sanger. “The vast power wielded by social networks of the early 21st century, putting our digital rights in serious jeopardy, demonstrates that we must engineer new — but old-fashioned — decentralized networks that make such clearly dangerous concentrations of power impossible.”

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Dr. Sanger will assist Phunware with its blockchain-enabled data ecosystem launch in order to decentralize data and empower consumers globally through seven key tenants:

  1. Incorporate and use open, common standards and protocols
  2. Allow multiple publishers
  3. Allow equal and open access to all publishers
  4. Ensure that there is no central or singular content repository
  5. Provide multiple readers, including equal access to the entire network by all participants
  6. Allow all users and individuals
  7. Allow all users and individuals to control their own content

Please join Dr. Sanger and Mr. Crowder at the Fairmont Austin during South by Southwest (SXSW) on March 14th at 12:30p CT for their panel entitled The Future of Data is Decentralized.

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