Salesforce CEO: I’ll Continue to Operate My Business for My Stakeholders (Even under Trump)

Salesforce CEO: I'll Continue to Operate My Business for My Stakeholders, Even under Trump

As the world holds its breath to see President-elect Donald Trump take his oath today, tech innovation companies could possibly take a leaf out of Marc Benioff’s book. The Salesforce founder and CEO will continue to run his business innovatively with organic and inorganic growth, delivering flawless customer connectivity in different ways. The insights shared here come straight from Benioff’s one-to-one with Yahoo Finance’s editor-in-chief, Andy Serwer.

Davos has turned into a buzzing lab for global tech investors and entrepreneurs with the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2017. Marc Benioff also attended the elite annual meeting, showing a positive intent towards advocating WEF’s public policy. In his interview to Yahoo Finance, Benioff assured his stakeholders that he would continue to advocate stakeholder policy irrespective of who is at the helm in the White House. He is confident about taking his company to new heights in 2017, not just repeating but bettering previous year’s results.

“I’m not changing how I operate my business,” Benioff asserted. “I’m continuing to operate my business for all of my stakeholders, exactly like I said, including all of our employees.” However, Benioff avowed he is moving forward with positivity with regard to Trump. At the end of the day, it’s the customer in the marketplace who is going to decide the fate of any company.

Speaking about his visit to WEF 2017, Benioff revealed how he has been coming to the event since 2002. “This is a place that you can get all kinds of knowledge of what’s happening in the world. It’s a tremendous opportunity for personal growth with incredible business sensibilities.”

As the fastest growing enterprise cloud company, Benioff believes that it is the obligation of the CEOs to advocate and stand by their business objectives, irrespective of the political and economic situation. Benioff, advocating on behalf of his employees, is hopeful about the government switching to cloud platforms.

“I know that they are still using a lot of on-premises software in the government. And I hope that they’ll be looking to go to the cloud and to some of these next-generation solutions that companies like Salesforce and others offer that help them to lower costs and make things easier for all of the citizens of the United States.”

Further, Benioff added that B2B commerce will play a bigger role in how global economy shapes up in 2017. Every administrative agency across the world is looking for software solutions that will revitalize their effectiveness. And that’s why WEF 2017 is such a meaningful event to attend.

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