Highspot Debuts New Solution for Social Selling on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Sales Teams Now Able to Track Engagement, Effectiveness & Revenue from Social Selling Through Highspot Everywhere Technical Integration Program

Highspot, powering modern businesses with the industry’s highest-rated sales enablement platform, announced today its new solution focused on social selling and engagement. With this capability, sellers can easily deliver the most effective sales assets directly within any online channel, driving social activity and engagement, and measuring the effectiveness of social selling strategies and tactics. Highspot’s solution for social selling is an extension of the Highspot Everywhere technical integration program designed to fit into sales’ existing workflows, enable sellers to meet buyers where they are, and provide engagement data that shows the value of social selling efforts across some of the most used social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Karishma Patel

“At Twitter, social selling is a key component of our approach. We are excited to see Highspot taking the lead in enabling our sellers to easily track and measure their social sales tactics and optimize for success,” said Karishma Patel, Sales Operations Manager, Twitter.

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Robert Wahbe

Robert Wahbe, CEO and founder of Highspot, added, “Social media, as a way to engage buyers, has become core to any sales strategy. Because sellers are increasingly leveraging social media within the sales efforts, Highspot’s solution allows them to share compelling assets while capturing robust analytics used to measure the effectiveness of social engagement.”

“At iRhythm we recognize the value of having our sales enablement platform at the ready, all the time, no matter where our sales reps are. This new feature from Highspot is ideal for our reps who are using LinkedIn and other social media, giving them an additional way to interact and track engagement with customers and prospects. We’re excited that Highspot is making life more convenient for them,” said Peter Alexander, director of digital marketing, iRhythm.

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With Highspot’s social selling capabilities, sales and marketing teams can leverage precise analytics to fully understand what works, what does not, and compare with other sales and marketing channels to optimize their strategies and overall approach. The new social selling capability empowers marketers and sellers to:

  • Extend the power of Highspot – Sellers are able to access all of the sales assets in Highspot, via a simple Chrome plugin, to inject content into social streams with just a few clicks–including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Analyze usage by buyer and channel – Sellers can see how buyers are engaging with shared content, time spent on every asset, and other analytics to help them make informed decisions about next steps.
  • Compare social vs email engagement – Companies can see how each channel is performing and aggregate results directly into the company’s CRM.
  • Track content trends – Marketers can leverage social selling data in aggregate to identify best practices and make informed decisions about where to focus sales enablement efforts.

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