MediaSmack Announces a New Direction in Leadership

As CEO, Co-Founder Zach Thompson Will Oversee the Growth and Strategic Vision of MediaSmack, While COO Amanda Snowden Takes Over as President

MediaSmack, a legal marketing company based in Austin, announced a change in leadership. Zach Thompson and Brian Meikle co-founded the firm in 2013 and led the company together as Co-Presidents for the first years of the business’s growth. Now, Brian is taking a step back from the company; as of July 1, 2018, Zach will transition into being the sole CEO of MediaSmack.

“I am thrilled to be taking the reins as CEO,” said Zach. “I deeply value my partnership with Brian – together, we were able to grow this business from nothing to one of the most up and coming legal marketing companies in the country. However, I truly understand his decision to take a step back and am honored that he is leaving our company in my hands.”

While Zach moves into the position of CEO, Amanda Snowden will move up from COO to become President of MediaSmack. “I am incredibly excited and honored to be stepping up as President,” said Amanda. “I have been in this industry for 13 years now, and I am eager to now take a major, leading role in shaping this company’s present and future.”

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Zach has been developing his expertise in digital marketing and branding since 2005. Before co-founding MediaSmack, he worked for several Fortune 500 companies, expanding his understanding of legal marketing. As CEO, he will oversee the growth and strategic vision of the company, with a focus on helping law firms develop competitive marketing advantages.

With a background in strategy development, he tackles complex SEO and marketing issues with a transparent approach that is both creative and analytical. As President and now as CEO, Zach has always maintained a hands-on approach to directing the company and working with his marketing teams. He also regularly attends and speaks at conferences and events across the country, where he provides insights into goal development, online marketing strategies and more.

“The move from Co-President to CEO seems very natural to me,” said Zach. “Strategic vision and planning is a passion of mine. I want to be the one to take MediaSmack into a leadership role in the legal marketing industry.”

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Amanda has been working in the marketing industry since 2005. She gained experience in SEO and legal marketing during her time with a small, family-owned agency in Austin, where she eventually became Vice President of Operations. While there, she founded and developed the entire SEO department from scratch. “I love the challenge of SEO,” said Amanda. “I am the person who wants to know exactly why and how something happens on a website, which usually means wading through spreadsheets and data. All of that analysis, I just love it.”

In August of 2017, MediaSmack partnered with this company and brought all of the staff onboard during the process. Now, after less than a year with the company, she is taking over as President.

“Within the first few weeks – even the first few days – of working with Amanda, I knew that she had what it takes to step up and help me lead the company. I have never been more excited about the direction we are taking; our future is bright, and Amanda is a big part of that,” added Zach.

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