Voyage SMS Announces New Enterprise Managed Service: Voyage Compass

With Compass, Voyage’s expert team helps brands drive revenue and build customer loyalty through personalized text messaging.

Voyage SMS, a leading provider in text message marketing for eCommerce brands, announced the launch of “Voyage Compass.” A consultancy arm that empowers leading brands to strengthen customer relationships, Compass is a result of client demand for highly-tailored, hands-on guidance for engaging with customers through the deeply personal channel of SMS.

SMS as a means of engagement with customers is still relatively new in eCommerce marketing. As such, many brands are overwhelmed with where to start. Equally, many existing solutions struggle to seamlessly incorporate SMS into their current full-stack digital marketing strategy, while remaining optimized and fully compliant.

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“Our mission is to create delightful discovery and shopping experiences for brands and customers through SMS. With the launch of Compass, our clients can work with our team of experts to build out an effective and compliant text message program tailored to their brand and tech stack,” said Rev Reddy, CEO of Voyage.

Early adopters are already seeing returns through Voyage Compass.

“The team at Voyage helped us migrate from another platform and gave us hands-on assistance to refine, rebuild, and deploy a comprehensive SMS program. This saved us time and resources that we were able to invest in other high-impact areas of the business,” said Mark Thomas Lynn, Founder and CEO at AMASS.

With Voyage Compass, enterprise clients can utilize the DTC expert team at Voyage for SMS strategy consulting, integration development services, and campaign copywriting and asset generation (including fully-custom, on-brand modals to grow SMS subscriber lists efficiently and compliantly). All services are further supported by Voyage’s robust customer engagement platform.

Investor Backed, Trusted Team and Technology

“Voyage is evolving how eCommerce brands build customer relationships with one-to-one SMS messaging at scale,” said Kyle York, CEO and co-founder of York IE and an investor in Voyage.

“Voyage’s innovation lies in its approach to helping brands delight customers throughout their buying journey. I’m excited to be joining Voyage as an investor and board member as they disrupt how eCommerce brands drive their revenue by delivering unmatched discovery and shopping experiences through SMS. That includes through Compass, which really doubles-down on the applied human ingenuity behind the innovative Voyage product.”

In addition to York IE, Voyage is backed by leading institutional investors including Guild Capital and RiverPark Ventures.

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Navigating SMS Success Through Smarter Features

Over the last three years, Voyage SMS has developed a highly-sophisticated but easy-to-use platform, with a focus on client performance over non-personalized, repetitive blast messaging. Voyage instead maximizes customer lifetime value for clients, in thoughtful opposition to legacy digital marketing tools focused narrowly on short-term revenue. As they consult to new clients through Voyage Compass, the team continues to lead innovation in SMS marketing, with features current and forthcoming focused on cultivating increased engagement, conversion, and customer delight for brand-obsessed eCommerce organizations.